The science behind iluvia

iluvia is a brand of Renaura Wellness. Renaura is a research and formulation company, working in the beauty, personal care, and wellness domains. Renaura formulates, develops, and provides advanced personal care solutions as per exacting global standards.

Renaura is fully committed to harnessing the power of ingredient research and bringing together consumer insights to develop meaningful everyday use products.

Renaura provides boutique formulation services that specializes in developing new-age formulations in personal care (beauty, haircare, cosmetics etc.), home care, and hygiene verticals.

The Renaura team works with world leading speciality ingredient, fragrances, and actives suppliers to specifically address formulation requirements.

Renaura works with major segment leaders in professional haircare, premium cosmetics, and global brands to identify and develop specific products as per their requirements. We also support and take care of packaging consultation, end-to-end manufacturing, and work with design teams to bring product concepts to reality.

Professional Haircare

The iluvia professional haircare segment was started as a project to solve a common haircare concern emerging in markets with unsustainable water systems. The project was started with the aim to develop a new age Shampoo Formulation that could measurably reduce the incidence of salt based deposits on hair and scalp, which can otherwise have a demonstrable adverse effect over the long term.

The product was launched as a Hard Water Shampoo under iluvia and is now a best-selling product with presence across multiple salon chains and major e-commerce channels.

Over the years, the company has expanded its focus on working on a wider array of consumer-centric research-based haircare products, that explore completely new and groundbreaking ingredients.

The insights gained while working directly with professional stylists, salons, and specialty ingredient manufacturing companies has allowed us to develop multiple product formulations in premium haircare. The portfolio has since been expanded to include a Silicone-free,
Non-comedogenic Hair Conditioning System and
a Combination Heat Protection Hair Serum.

Advanced Sanitizing

Covid 19 has upended everyday life in ways that the world jas been forced to transition to a new normal. The manyfold increase in need for effective sanitization and disinfection products has also been an opportunity for companies to rise to the occasion and launch solutions to combat this never seen before crisis.

Looking at the rapid increase in demand for sanitizers, Renaura wanted to pitch in with its formulation expertise.

With the lack of high performance, medical grade hypoallergenic sanitizers, Renaura launched India's first WHO grade gel sanitizer under its brand iluvia, marking its foray into mass market consumer products.

The opportunity to fulfill the need for high-grade products formulated as per WHO recommendations is a matter of honor for the entire team, which worked through the lockdown and across geographies to launch the product within a 25 day timeline.

The Road Ahead...

The growing impact of human activity on the environment has renewed the focus on developing real sustainable solutions. As an end to end developer of products, Renaura is consciously aware of
the challenges and opportunities that this new chapter in
development brings for the company.

Renaura has taken a major step in working on reducing its environmental impact with steps such as switching to reusable metal boxes, uncoated paper, and utilizing thoughtful product design to minimize use of packaging tape during transportation.

As a further step, we are also accelerating the development of package free cosmetics and FMCG products that can drastically reduce the carbon and waste footprint generated by consumers.

As with any new technology, the challenges associated with scaling of such initiatives continues to be a focus, but with positive consumer sentiment and purchasing push, the time for truly eco-conscious and sustainable products is here.

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