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iluvia - 80% Ethyl Alcohol Gel Sanitizer 60ml (Pocket Pack)

Advanced, medical-grade hand sanitizer from iluvia now in a pocket pack.

Non-sticky, no-residue and natural hand feel without dryness and irritation over multiple uses.

Contains 96% Ethyl Alcohol IP 80% (v/v) as per the WHO recommended formulation.


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Advanced non-siccative, non-drying, premium hydroalcoholic, hand sanitizer as per WHO recommended formulation.

Contains no added coloring agents, no dyes, no bittering agents, no toxins, no perfumes, no artificial fragrances, no essential oils, no colorants.

Key Benefits

  • Fast 20s disinfection time. Eliminates 99.9% targeted germs on use as per direction.
  • US-FDA Registered. Recommended formula as per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization), and TGA (Australia).
  • Non-sticky, non-drying, non-siccative formula.
  • 96% Ethyl Alcohol IP 80% (v/v) starting base as per WHO norms. All ingredients as per IP (International Pharmacopeia) grade guidelines.
  • Highest grade gelling agents. Does not create residue.
  • No lingering / persistent fragrance or aroma even over multiple uses. Preferred by pregnant women or allergic individuals.

Directions for use:

For effective hand antisepsis – Apply a palm-full of sanitizer (2ml – 4.5ml). Adequate quantity will require 20 sec to dry. Ensure all surfaces are covered including fingertips, the back of the hands, and in-between fingers.

How it is made:

Manufactured in GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. No human contact. Certified, lab-tested ingredients, and final product.

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