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LIQUID Sanitizer - 5L (80% Alcohol)

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WHO Recommended Formulation | Medical Grade | Hypoallergenic | US-FDA Registered, TGA (Australia) & Health Canada Compliant
Uses 96% Ethyl Alcohol IP 80% v/v as per WHO 
Non-sticky | NO Residue | US-FDA Registered 

Preferred by Allergic, Sensitive Skin, or Pregnant Individuals | No Color, Dyes | No Perfume, Fragrance, Essential oils | Safe for Surface Sanitization

  • Hypoallergenic formula with NO stickiness & NO residue. Non-drying and non-siccative.

  • NO Fragrance. NO Perfume. NO Color. Preferred for users with allergies, sensitive skin and/or pregnancy.

  • Fast 20sec sanitization. Please use adequate quantity for effective hand-antisepsis.

  • High Quality, Minimally Designed Packaging. Sturdy, double-sealed premium Jerry Can.

Rub an adequate quantity (2ml - 4.5ml) between your palms, fingertips, between the fingers, and the back of the hands. Rub till the sanitizer dries completely.

NOTE : Adequate quantity needs 20 sec to dry out for effective hand antisepsis (sanitization).

Alcohol can affect paint, varnishes, coatings as it is a good solvent. Please conduct a spot test on surface before use.

Best used for non-porous hard surfaces like plastics (chairs, handles), metals (door handles), glass etc.


Stay away from naked flame, heat sources. Store away from direct sunlight and heat. Alcohol is flammable and evaporates easily.


All products contain correct measure of product as per BIS standards. Alcohol levels and purity are tested for EACH BATCH with an independent, government approved laboratory.

Non-toxic formula, recommended by WHO. Safer and gentler product for kids as it does not contain colors, dyes, or toxic agents.