Need long-lasting colour & protection from heat? Try this.

Need long-lasting colour & protection from heat? Try this.

Excess heat on hair is not good. Whether it’s hot weather, hot water or heat styling stools - heat is known to impact hair texture and feel. Elevated temperatures can alter the longevity of your hair colour. If you’ve recently undergone a colour treatment, you should know that excessive heat can cause the colour to lose vibrancy. Heat-induced damage usually occurs on the surface layers of hair, including the cuticles and the fiber structure,  thus ruining the hair colour and causing the hair to look dull & damaged.

It is advisable to discontinue the habit of taking scorching hot showers, even if it is something that you enjoy. Hot water can cause hair colour to fade quickly by opening up the hair cuticles and allowing colour molecules to escape. Colouring hair involves the penetration of the dye molecules into the hair shaft, where they bind with the natural pigments of the hair. However, exposure to heat can cause these molecules to deteriorate and escape from the hair shaft, leading to a diminished vibrancy in the hair colour and an overall dull appearance.

Furthermore, If the cuticles of your hair are damaged, it can lead to increased porosity, allowing damage to reach the cortex. As a result, your hair may become weaker, less elastic, and more susceptible to breakage. It can cause itching and irritation in the scalp region. To maintain healthy, vibrant hair colour, it's recommended to wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water. Regardless of the temperature, adding heat-styling tools to the mix is calling upon trouble. The damage caused by heat styling tools is apparent even without hair colouring - The damage caused by heat styling tools can occur even without hair colouring!

If you've coloured your hair before and noticed the vibrancy fading off with every wash, it's likely that your cleansing products are one of the main culprits. Remember, not every shampoo and conditioner is formulated to protect colour-treated hair. Regular cleansing products can contain harsh ingredients that can strip off colour, leading to further hair damage. On the other hand, hair colour products designed for dyed hair are far more gentle and nourishing.

How can you protect coloured hair from heat?

First of all, make the switch from regular cleansing products to colour-protecting products. Try  iluvia’s Colour Lock System. This comprehensive professional haircare system is ideal for coloured, pigmented, bleached, or highlighted hair. Highly recommended by top salons, this system helps to prolong colour treatments by minimising pigment bleed and combating UV damage, which can degrade hair colour over time. It includes three key products: Colour Lock Shampoo, Colour Lock Mask, and Hair Protection Serum which are designed to cleanse, maintain and protect the most advanced colour applications, ensuring that your hair colour stays vibrant. 

The Colour Lock Shampoo contains mild ingredients and is pH balanced to maintain the strength and integrity of the hair cuticle, thereby reducing pigment bleed and enhancing colour. The Colour Lock Mask promotes colour stability and is designed to combat frizz, especially for hair that has been bleached, lightened, or is porous, damaged, or mechanically compromised. This product deep-conditions the hair to reduce colour bleeding and prevent oxidative degradation of hair colour.

The last step in this routine includes the Hair Protection Serum, which is packed with argan, olive squalene & baobab oils. The best part is this product protects hair from environmental damage caused by moisture, pollutants, and UV light. It also shields hair from humidity and heat damage during styling, making it ideal for thick, heavy, frizzy, or coarse hair. In addition to its protective benefits, this product also includes antioxidants that protect hair from free radical damage that is known to break down hair colour and molecular bonds.

As a rule of thumb, it is necessary to invest in reputed and trusted hair care products to promote hair health. That’s why we recommend iluvia products that are pH balanced, sulfate-free and packed with plant-derived actives. With these in your arsenal, you’re sure to reach your hair goals, maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour and protect it from damage.

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