A Guide To Squalene & Why You Should Include It In Your Hair Care Routine

A Guide To Squalene & Why You Should Include It In Your Hair Care Routine

If the word ‘SQUALENE’ is new to you, this is a must-read

As self-care enthusiasts, we are usually on the lookout for new products, and with something new to discover every day; the world only gets bigger for you to find out what you need and to experiment along the way!

If you’re looking to take your regimen from ordinary to extraordinary, Squalene is a novel solution for many of your skin and hair problems. In fact, introducing Squalene to personal care is like redefining your grooming regime, especially hair care. You can do this by simply including products with Squalene in your hair care routine.

Want more? Here’s a walkthrough of all you should know about it.

What is Squalene?

Squalene is a lipid or organic compound that occurs naturally in our bodies. It nourishes and moisturizes. Why do you need to source Squalene externally, you may wonder. That’s because the natural production of Squalene starts to decrease with time. The body produces the most Squalene in the 20s and 30s, but as we age, our skin starts to become dry and rough, and fine lines and wrinkles make their appearance.

However, this built-in moisturizing system has vital properties that must be preserved and kept up even as one ages. Using Squalene is a great way to do that. Remember,  Squalene on hair is just as effective as it is on the skin.

How is Squalene produced?

The production of Squalene starts in the liver. It is a vital building block for your hormones; the bloodstream carries it to different parts of the body. There is a high concentration of Squalene on the skin, but experts recommend Squalene for hair growth as well. The highest amount of this lipid is found in newborns; production diminishes as we cross 30.

How can you tell if you need Squalene in your hair care routine?

  • If you are above 30 - that usually means that the natural Squalene in your hair and skin has reduced or is likely to do so.
  • If a normal conditioner makes your hair feel flat and limp.
  • If you want to add some volume to your hair.

Squalene for hair - benefits and more

Squalene oil for hair might be what you need in your personal care arsenal. As the natural elasticity and strength of the hair decrease with time, resorting to an external source will ensure you get the amount your body needs. iluvia understands the benefits of natural Squalene and therefore sources it from olives to provide a naturally occurring remedy in the haircare and self-care category, which is completely cruelty-free and vegan.

Olive Squalene Oil, a key ingredient in the iluvia Squalene Restorative Conditioner and the Intensive Haircare Serum, strengthens hair by improving hair elasticity. This serum will also reduce hair breakage when you style or comb your hair. The stronger your hair's elasticity, the less prone it becomes to breakage. However, this elasticity decreases with age and other contributing factors, so it is essential to give your hair some extra support and care by using Squalene. And last but not least, Squalene Oil gives your hair that extra oomph and shine. As a result, your hair doesn't only LOOK better, but it FEELS better as well. Iluvia's conditioner and hair serum with Olive Squalene Oil do precisely that! These products have been scientifically formulated, and they ensure that you and your hair get to benefit from them.

Why should you look out for Squalene Oil in your products?

Squalene hair benefits are numerous as it helps increase the strength of your hair, which directly correlates with the amount of breakage you face. The moment you select specialized products for your hair with Squalene, you provide it with all the nourishing benefits that help your hair get healthy and strong.

iluvia uses a bio-oil-based revolutionary conditioning system for their product—an entirely new approach to improving hair’s softness which does not use any artificial insoluble silicones for temporary softness but a natural and holistic healing process. This advances hair quality naturally as the Squalene present in the system helps improve hair elasticity and reduce friction and breakage.

squalene restorative conditioner

Squalene oil & hair type

Haircare should be customized as per the hair type. One size does not fit all. Customize your haircare by knowing more about your hair type, the kind of products that work for it, and the science behind these products. You can use Squalene oil on hair if you have any of the below hair types:

  • Oily hair & scalp: Excess oil on hair and scalp can lead to detrimental issues such as hair fall and even flaking. Why it works: The Squalene Restorative Conditioner from iluvia is an advanced, research-backed, scientifically proven hair care regimen that helps control these issues.
  • Weak hair: One can identify weak hair by observing the place from where it breaks and how it breaks. In most cases, weak hair is quite easy to break, but it doesn’t snap from the tip. Why it works: The Squalene Restorative Conditioner does not weigh down your hair and doesn’t leave behind any deposits of insoluble silicone. Therefore, it helps the hair to regain its strength.
  • Moderate hair density: Hair with moderate to low density lacks volume and may look dull. The Squalene Restorative Conditioner will increase the bounce and volume of your hair, giving it a fuller look.
  • Hair that easily gets tangled: Tangled hair may make you lose more hair with the constant brushing and combing. The iluvia Intensive Haircare Serum will reduce your tangles by restoring the lipid barriers.
  • Hair that requires frequent styling: Coloured, treated and styled hair is more prone to damage. Even using straighteners and heat on your hair can make it dry and dull. You can use iluvia’s Intensive Hair Care Serum as a pre-styling solution to protect your hair from damage while styling or grooming. This will also help reduce the frizz and give it that silky look you want.

Squalene for curly hair

It is hard to find products for curly hair, especially when you religiously follow the ‘Curly Girl Method’. The Squalene Restorative Conditioner is a great choice for people following CGM. Squalene is known to improve hair elasticity and reduce breakage, which is the number one problem most people with curly hair find themselves tackling. So, replace your old conditioner with this and get all the squalene hair benefits. You are guaranteed healthy and gorgeous curls!

Intensive Hair Care Serum

Use the Intensive Hair Care Serum on damp hair. Start by applying a small quantity of serum and gently use it to scrunch your curls. Apply it in a way that promotes and maintains your natural curl pattern. The serum will add shine and lustre to your curls, which is quite rare for this hair type but still in demand.


Now that you know about Squalene and how it is essential for hair, it’s time to introduce it to your everyday routine with the iluvia Squalene Restorative Conditioner and Intensive Hair Care serum.