Argan Oil: Your Every Season Essential

Argan Oil: Your Every Season Essential

Whether you’re thinking of a little weekend trip or jetting off on a two-week beach vacay to escape the cold, you may not always have the time to look after your hair. What if we said you need just one essential product in your bag to solve all your hair problems? It’s Argan Oil, but not just any Argan Oil, the iluvia 100% Pure Argan Oil.

Here’s all you need to know about this miracle multi-tasker. Whether it’s haircare, skincare or even babycare (yes, moms we’re talking to you), this product is a keeper.

Protect Your Hair from External Factors

Exposing your hair to excessive sunlight, salt water from the sea or chlorine from swimming pools can lead to a variety of issues, including dryness, brittleness and colour fading. UV radiation can penetrate the hair cuticle, causing damage to the protein structure and leaving your strands vulnerable.

That's why it's important to think of hair protection in your haircare routine. A few drops of Argan Oil massaged into your hair before going out into the sun or diving into the water will act as a natural protective barrier. It seals in your hair’s natural moisture, preventing any depletion of its oils. Due to its strong antioxidant content, free radicals are neutralised and cannot damage your hair. This means that even after a day spent soaking up the sun and swimming in the pool or sea, your hair will remain soft, smooth and full of life.

Protect Your Hair from External Factors

Additionally, Argan Oil is rich in vital nutrients that build and nourish your hair, along with its protective properties. Its high concentration of vitamin E promotes healthy hair growth and adds shine.

The fatty acid-rich oil is an excellent anti-dryness agent for both the hair and scalp. The natural emollient nourishes the scalp, preventing issues like dandruff. For the hair, it deeply conditions and lubricates the strands, improving texture and tackling frizz and dryness to give you softer, glossier hair.

Keep Your Skin Moisturised

Argan Oil is abundant in vitamin E and Omega fatty acids that keep the skin moisturised. These ingredients boost the skin’s hydration, strengthening its natural barrier that keeps the skin soft and supple. By strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, it also improves its elasticity, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. 

The emollient absorbs quickly and evenly into the skin without leaving a residue. It is also non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. So, regardless of your skin type, it is ideal to moisturise your face and body. You can even use Argan Oil to soften your cuticles and maintain your nails.

Keep Your Skin Moisturised

Argan Oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that help reduce acne and inflammation, in addition to having anti-aging properties and its ability to relieve eczema and other ailments.

These properties are what make Argan Oil perfect for removing makeup effectively, including waterproof makeup. You can seamlessly remove your makeup without using harsh chemicals and also reap the many skincare benefits of the oil.

Massage Your Babies’ Skin & Hair

Argan Oil is safe to use on infants, toddlers and children because of its mild, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic nature. You can massage your baby’s skin and hair with oil to moisturise them and protect them from rashes and skin infections. From diaper rash to cradle cap, Argan Oil can not only soothe these common problems but also soften and smoothen your baby’s skin. It is also beneficial to condition their hair, improving hair growth and strength.

Best Argan Oil for Hair& Skin

The Best Argan Oil for Hair & Skin

When choosing the best argan oil for hair and skin protection, it's essential to look for high-quality, pure Argan Oil.

The iluvia 100% Pure Argan Oil is a certified organic, cold-pressed dry oil that is perfect for your skin and hair.

For the hair, it nurtures from root to tip, conditioning the hair and strengthening it. Its natural fatty acids offer a protective quality that helps shield hair from breakage and damage caused by hair treatments and the elements. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities nourish the hair and scalp, reducing frizz, dryness and dullness.

The 100% Pure Argan Oil doesn’t leave a gooey residue on the skin. Instead, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated, plumped up and smooth. Considered a natural cleanser, it can be used to gently remove makeup, even waterproof ones. By eliminating excess sebum, it helps in the promotion of healthy skin, and those with every skin type can safely use it.

00% Pure Argan Oil

No matter where your adventures take you, packing a 100% Pure Argan Oil bottle will always protect your hair and skin while on vacation. It's time to make every day feel like a holiday for your hair and skin.

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