Colour protection made easy with the Complete Colour Lock System

Colour protection made easy with the Complete Colour Lock System

Let’s talk about hair colouring! Everybody loves a streak of colour or bold highlights, and when it comes to a Balayage or global, that's the trend! However, these hair treatments are often met with some caution because of the damage and the colour bleed that comes with it during post-care. Why does that happen? The damage starts when you use a lightening agent, a.k.a bleach, which is used in many colouring treatments. It is used to raise the pH level of hair and open up the cuticles. Bleach strips away the colour of hair and dissolves the natural melanin present through oxidation. After this process, the new hair colour is introduced. To maintain the hair color, it is important to properly seal the cuticle layer after dyeing. If the cuticle is not sealed, the colour may fade or run when exposed to even a small amount of moisture. 

This is where the iluvia Colour Lock System comes in. This special 3-step hair care not only keeps the colour as vibrant as ever but also reduces damage to the hair structure and encourages healthy recovery. The Colour Lock Shampoo is the best shampoo for damaged hair, especially when the damage is caused by a hair colouring treatment. This pH-balanced shampoo gently cleanses the hair and prolongs colour life. It prevents the degradation of colour molecules by free-radical damage and instead leaves the hair soft and supple.

Maintaining the vibrancy of hair colour is more than just using the right shampoo. You also need the right conditioner or mask to follow up with. The Colour Lock Mask by iluvia shows results from the very first use, especially when used with the Colour Lock Shampoo. It enhances colour life and helps retain it for as long as possible while combating frizz, breakage and dryness. This deep-conditioning formula also protects the hair from damage that occurs from everyday exposure to external stressors. It works wonders on both semi-permanent and permanent hair colour. It is the best treatment for bleached hair as it contains no damaging agents like sulfates or parabens.

This 3-step hair care routine is complete with the iluvia Hair Protection Serum containing argan oil. It is rich in antioxidants that protect the hair from free radical damage caused by heat, pollution, dust, and humidity, along with other environmental stressors.

Repairing colour-damaged hair does not always require a salon visit if you have the right tools and products. With this Complete Colour Lock System, it is possible to reverse damage caused to over-processed hair and bring back its natural shine. This 3-step routine is recommended by leading salons and helps colour treatments last longer by minimizing bleed and reversing the damage.

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