Cysteine Hair Treatment: Is it a good idea?

Cysteine Hair Treatment: Is it a good idea?

Hair treatments are getting naturally popular by the day because of the extra shine and sleek finish they add. However, are these hair smoothing treatments really as good as they sound? It’s no secret that they have a not-so-pretty side to them despite the benefits.

Today, let’s talk about cysteine hair treatment!

What is Cysteine? Cysteine is a form of hair protein that works with existing proteins in hair to soften curls & waves. Cysteine treatment is a hair treatment that works on these existing proteins found in the hair shaft. The process involves shampooing, application of the cysteine concentrate and heat styling.

Most people who opt for cysteine hair treatment do so to reduce the appearance of frizz and achieve a smoother look. But the heat applied during the process can cause long-term damage to hair and make it extremely brittle and prone to breakage. It also changes the hair structure and strips away its natural oils. Moreover, it is important that your stylist is experienced. Compromising on a cheaper treatment could also mean that the product used is of cheaper quality, with a high risk of containing harmful and questionable ingredients. 

Yet another rising concern is the side effects of these hair smoothing treatments on hair stylists. When these smoothing formulations come in direct contact with heat, they release chemicals that can cause anything in between an allergic reaction to severe headaches, nausea and more. Hair stylists that are exposed to these fumes for long periods of time could face adverse health risks and may even suffer serious damage.

What can you do instead of a cysteine hair treatment? It’s simple. Invest in a high-quality hair care regime. Treatments like keratin smoothing treatment, cysteine treatment and others are not just expensive but also risky. Too much heat or too many dangerous ingredients could lead to permanent damage.

In the case that you’ve already done a cysteine treatment, it would be wise to treat your hair with the right products. Start with avoiding SLEs and parabens. Chemically treated hair requires a mild but effective routine with products that are also nourishing. A product we definitely recommend is the Sulfate Free Shampoo. It’s not just perfectly compatible with chemically treated hair, but it also reduces frizz, makes it smooth and preserves the longevity of the treatment.

There are also other effective ways to protect your hair after getting a cysteine hair treatment. Especially if your hair has been thinning or falling since the treatment, it is necessary to undo the damage with a hair mask. Try out iluvia’s humidity-resistant & anti frizz Hair Repair Mask that helps chemically treated hair retain it’s shine.

PRO TIP: Argan oil contains nourishing fatty acids that help maintain hair integrity. Try our 100% Pure Argan Oil which adds a protective effect to hair, repairs damage from styling and prevents breakage. The best part? It’s an anti-dryness agent and also combats frizz.

Cysteine hair treatments may not be compatible with everyone and often carry the risk of damage. If you’ve tried this treatment before, it is crucial that you also pay attention to aftercare and use products that are compatible with chemically treated hair. For more products like this, check out iluvia’s official website! These products are recommended by leading salons and are compatible with all hair types.