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Monsoon hair care guide to combat hair fall, frizz and more

The weather plays an integral role in hair’s strength, elasticity, volume and shine. As the seasons change, your hair care routine also needs tweaking. An easy but proper hair care routine will ensure that the monsoon doesn’t hold you back from putting your best foot forward. Read on for two daily hair care routines for different monsoon hair care concerns:

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Men’s Grooming: Pure Argan Oil

When it comes to men’s grooming and personal care, there’s nothing better than a multi-tasking product that packs in a number of benefits. Argan Oil is one such superstar that works wonders for your skin and hair alike. Fittingly, it’s been dubbed ‘liquid gold’ for its unique gold colour and natural properties, making it an essential among men’s grooming and beauty products.

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How to transform your hair with iluvia’s 3 Wash Challenge

Finding the best hair serum or hair treatment that suits you depends on a number of factors, such as scalp health and hair type. But finding the right haircare routine can be tough and recognizing that fact, iluvia has come up with a unique hair wash challenge called the ‘3 wash challenge’. With results expected from the first wash itself, the 3 Wash Challenge includes shampoo, conditioner and serum in convenient sizes for you to try out.

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