Eco-conscious product design - Discover our sustainability approach.

Eco-conscious product design - Discover our sustainability approach.

Mindful innovation, meaningful results, memorable journey to self-care.

The need of the hour - sustainable, viable, eco-friendly practices that provide meaningful, substantial change in how consumer products are designed, developed, delivered, and discarded.

A responsible, planet-friendly lifecycle approach is a collective responsibility in the challenging times of today. Climate change is a global threat, and a conscious sustainable push is required to take concrete steps to minimize the impact we create moving forward.

While challenges abound, technology and innovation leads the way in ensuring that sustainable, eco-friendly solutions are found and implemented. In our quest for minimizing our impact, iluvia has taken some steps that help to make a difference. Shared below are some of the initiatives implemented by Renaura Wellness, the parent company for iluvia Professional, for consumers and brands to assess and utilize as a resource in their own efforts to minimize impact:

    1. Part-Wise Recycling Codes (detailed partwise information for ease in local recycling efforts) - As part of global efforts to improve available product information for end consumers, iluvia adopted new packaging guidelines with detailed part wise material and recycling code information to ease efforts to responsibly reuse materials and reduce landfill waste.
      detailed partwise recycling code information

    2. Transition to 3D-Cut Protective Paper (Bubble-Wrap replacement) - Ongoing experimentation and pilots with 3D Cut crinkle paper as a protective layer for products in an effort to check suitability as a complete replacement for plastic based bubble wraps. Early results look promising, and the team continues to work with supplier teams to improve on material specification for even more improved load bearing and protective capabilities.

      bhive geami wrap pack 3D cut wrapping paper bubble wrap replacement

    3. Metal Boxes (Plastic / Board Paper Gift Box replacement) - iluvia has been leading the way with utilizing a fully recyclable tin box for its gift and combo boxes since 2017. Metal boxes provide a sturdy, practical outer shell that is protective and safeguards products actively. Metal surfaces can be created with premium, high quality finishes that improve the aesthetic experience for consumers and fit with the organization's goals of delivering high-quality, elegant packaging.

      tin metal box recyclable reusable ecofriendly sustainable packaging

    4. Coated Glass (Plastic Bottle replacement) - Ongoing initiatives to continue to work with glass as a preferred material for specific low volume products, provides an easier to use alternative to plastic packaging for certain delivery mechanisms. While globally, pump use is still a difficult to replace alternative, they continue to be a preferred and practical way for consumers to use many products. Work is ongoing on alternative delivery mechanisms for product formulations to help move to more sustainable alternatives. For small volumes, the weight of glass does not create an appreciable change in carbon emissions, but ease of recyclability outweighs advantages over use of traditional plastic containers.

      rubber coated glass vial bottle for cosmetics

As consumers your support in adopting high concentration products, new packaging technology, and supporting new-age products goes a long way in the journey to sustainability.