From Argan oil to Baobab seed oil - 4 hair oils that are perfect for all seasons

From Argan oil to Baobab seed oil - 4 hair oils that are perfect for all seasons

As seasons change, hair and skin also require a change of personal care products - something that suits the weather conditions and works towards eliminating topical beauty issues.

The monsoon brings with it a whole host of concerns - from excessive frizz and hairfall to hair loss, lack of volume and an itchy scalp. The good news is that these hair concerns have a solution and finding the right oil in your hair care product might just be the answer. 

Organic and virgin oils that are free from harmful chemicals are the best way to maintain healthy hair and skin. However, knowing the best hair oil that suits your lifestyle is important. Going by their benefits and preventive properties, here are four oils to choose from, for healthy, beautiful hair, even in the monsoon. 

Coconut oil

As one of the best hair oils, coconut oil has a multitude of benefits, including softer hair. The essential fatty acids and protein in coconut oil build hair strength and promote hair growth. It also limits heat damage and improves hair health and is known for being one of the best massage oils that are great for relaxation and stress relief. Moreover, coconut oil also improves hair softness with its natural properties and removes oil-soluble impurities. 

Argan oil

iluvia’s 100% Pure Argan Oil contains fatty acids that have a protective effect and prevent hair breakage, something that hair is prone to during the monsoon. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner since its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties protect the scalp and combat frizz and dryness. Not only is Argan oil good for hair, but it also works as a dual product because it boosts skin health as well. The 100% Pure Argan Oil, which is extracted and cold-pressed from Argan trees in Morocco, removes excess sebum, preventing dryness, dullness and other hair and skin concerns.  

Baobab seed oil

Pressed from the seeds of the Baobab tree, which is native to Africa, Baobab oil is a luxurious oil packed with vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s high in Vitamin A and E, which makes hair extremely soft and smooth. The oil works great on dry hair, strengthens brittle hair and is even good for the scalp. Regular use of Baobab seed oil can prevent or treat various concerns like breakage, brittleness, and flaking, among others. 

Olive Squalene oil

A popular ingredient in various cosmetics, Squalene, is slowly finding its way into hair care. At iluvia, we incorporate Olive Squalene Oil (which is plant-derived, vegan and cruelty-free) in a number of our products, and the reason is because of one of its biggest benefits.  Olive Squalene Oil helps with hair elasticity which directly affects hair strength. Essentially, the more elastic your hair is, the stronger it will be and less prone to breakage. It is also a wonderful emollient, which means it can deep-condition while making hair frizz-free and more manageable. 

Oiling is tricky; if your hair is naturally on the oily side, then perhaps the traditional methods of oiling may not be the best solution. However, incorporating hair care products that have some of these essential oils has earned its place in the modern grooming routine. Moreover, besides the scientific benefits of these hair oils, an oil massage for example with Coconut Oil is also extremely therapeutic and reduces stress levels. And when a hair oil works wonders on the skin, too, that’s an added bonus.