Guide to the iluvia Frizz-Control System

Guide to the iluvia Frizz-Control System

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: Your favorite Instagram influencer claims she has discovered the absolute best hair care routine. A popular magazine has just published the latest hair care routine for hair growth. They all hold the promise of soft, shiny, supple hair that lends itself to an amazing hair flip and a dramatic exit… you’re the star!
Now, back to reality - what *do* you need to create the perfect routine for frizzy hair? How can you tame those tresses while achieving that gorgeous, red-carpet-ready look every time you leave the house?

Let us break it down for you! Bookmark this handy guide to a healthy, effective, frizz-free haircare routine that has multiple benefits:

The first arsenal in your haircare kit needs to be the iluvia Sulfate Free Shampoo.

iluvia’s sulfate free shampoo is gentle but designed to give visible results from the first wash itself. It works towards maintaining the hair’s natural lipid barrier, restores shine and is ideal for frizz control.
The no-paraben shampoo also protects damaged or treated hair and prevents the scalp from excessive dryness. This is possible because of iluvia’s unique micro-emulsion technology system.

Now, it’s time to give your hair some TLC with the Hair Repair Mask.

For those of you struggling to pump some life back into dry and damaged hair, iluvia’s Hair Repair Mask is the answer to your prayers. Its breakthrough ingredients help repair dry hair, prevent frizz, combat breakage and leave you with smoother, more manageable hair right from the first use.
A hair care routine for dull, dry and damaged hair is incomplete without the iluvia Hydrophobic Hair Repair Mask and here’s why – it’s humidity-resistant, and the revolutionary moisture repelling formula protects hair from excess moisture while making it more elastic and less prone to breakage.
If your hair condition can be best described as ‘a daily battle with the comb’, cheer up, because the mask will also banish those tangles.

Next, make room in your daily hair care routine for the Pure Argan Oil.

For this one, turn to Mother Nature - iluvia’s Pure Argan Oil is extracted with cold-pressed technology and certified organic, making it your best bet for scoring frizz-free hair. The presence of ample nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin E makes it a must-have in your daily hair care routine.
It is an ideal solution for bidding goodbye to frizz and dryness because the 100% Pure Argan Oil by iluvia works by nourishing your hair without making it sticky. The best part is the Argan oil functions on various levels and is suitable for all hair types - it also nourishes the scalp with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
When it comes to frizz control, special care is definitely required. The cherry on top? iluvia’s entire range of hair care products is professionally recommended for coloured or chemically treated hair, including smoothening, keratin, straightening and cysteine, among others. Go ahead, shop now!