Have you noticed patchy, white stains on your bathroom floor? Or white, scaly deposits on your faucets and shower heads? If yes, that means you live in an area where mainly hard water flows out of your taps. It’s acknowledged that hard water is not beneficial for hair. Washing hair in hard water – essentially, water that contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium and salt – creates a thin film on the hair which makes it difficult for maintaining its optimum texture and health. This makes hair dry and prone to frizziness, which over a period of time, leads to breakage and thinning.  

A 2016 study by the Department of Dermatology of the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Coimbatore (Scanning electron microscopy of hair treated in hard water - PubMed ( found that hard water causes hair damage. The study found that washing hair with hard water reduced the thickness of hair. Besides that, the other documented hard water effects on hair include dullness, frizziness, tangles and dry scalp.

If this has you worried, it’s good to know that there’s a solution! We have rounded up four hair care tips that will help you restore your hair health while using hard water

  • Use a chelating shampoo

A chelating shampoo, unlike regular off-the counter shampoos, contains an increased level of chelating agents which have the ability to remove minerals deposited inside the hair shaft by hard water. While looking for a shampoo with chelating agents pick a product like iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo, which is formulated as a superior cleansing solution to help remove metal ion deposits from hair and scalp. The naturally sourced chelating agents in the shampoo bind themselves to the metal ions and gently remove them. That’s not all. The shampoo also conditions the hair and helps prevent further buildup of minerals thanks to its advanced water-soluble silicones that neutralize charge on the hair. iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo shows results from the first wash. In addition to leaving hair feeling stronger and bouncier, it also deep-cleanses the scalp and soothes flaking and itching.   


  • Follow through with conditioner

When it comes to removing harmful deposits just shampooing is never enough, it needs to be followed up with a good conditioner that strengthens and protects damaged hair as well. iluvia’s Squalene Restoration Conditioner which uses plant-based Olive Squalene, pairs perfectly with the Hard Water Shampoo and improves your hair’s elasticity and strength. The conditioner’s unique formulation leaves your hair feeling naturally softer and stronger minus any insoluble silicone deposits. While Olive Squalene oil helps reduce hair breakage, the Pure Moroccan Argan oil’s anti-static properties reduce frizz. Apply the conditioner to damp hair avoiding the scalp. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse it out. 

  • Always keep a good leave-in serum

A good third step in your hard water hair care routine is a serum that can be used on a daily basis and that protects damaged hair. This will ensure that hair that has been left dry and brittle due to hard water is adequately revived. The Intensive Hair Care Liquid by iluvia has been specially formulated to protect hair from damage caused by hard water, heat treatments or chemical treatments. The serum contains Moroccan Argan Oil, Olive Squalene Oil and Baobab Seed Oil, which help restore the hair’s lipid barrier, reduce tangles and make it smooth and shiny. Apply a few drops of the serum post-hair wash for tangle-free hair. For deep hair nourishment, dab the serum along your hair length and leave it overnight. 

  • Soften water with shower head water filters and water softeners.

Using purified bottled water to wash your hair is one of the solutions suggested to treat hair loss caused due to hard water. But if that seems like an inconvenient proposition, an alternative solution would be to install shower head water filters. These shower heads come with in-built cartridges that help reduce chlorine and other minerals present in the water. The cartridges last for up to four to six months and can be looked at as a value-for-money alternative.  

You can also install water softeners which are appliances specifically designed to help convert hard water into soft water using a range of water softening techniques.While doing this will solve your problems to an extent, the recommendation is to continue using products that are formulated to beat hard water hair problems. Choose a comprehensive hair treatment solution like iluvia’s Complete Professional Hair Care system that includes the Hard Water Shampoo, Squalene Restorative Conditioner, and the Intensive Hair Care Liquid and you can sleep easy with happy, healthy hair.  


Reversing hard water damage is easy with the right hair care. Visit to check out hair care solutions that are specially designed to beat a range of issues.