JUST IN: iluvia’s all-new Colour Lock System especially for coloured hair!

JUST IN: iluvia’s all-new Colour Lock System especially for coloured hair!

One of the most popular services in hair care is colouring. Whether it’s highlights, lowlights, Balayage or ombre, coming across someone with coloured hair or who wants to colour their hair is more frequent than few. However, hair colouring is not just for vanity, hair colour is also linked to personality. It helps bring out features and can do wonders for confidence and character. However, no matter the hair type, colour treated hair is left dry, sometimes unmanageable and brittle as well with concerns like frizz and tangles. The good news is that you don’t need to ban hair colouring just because of these issues. The right way to do it is to have a solid haircare routine that will help not only keep the colour for longer but do so while protecting your hair from further damage. All you need are the right products for prolonged colour life while trying every shade you’ve planned.

One of the many mistakes you can make while caring for coloured hair and colour enhancement is not switching up your shampoo and, more importantly, your conditioner or hair mask.

What we mean by that is not just swapping your regular shampoo with any colour care shampoo. Most colour care shampoos are filled with silicones to smoothen the hair cuticles damaged by the harsh colours. They make your scalp dry and itchy, often even causing dandruff. When you’ve spent all that time, effort and money on that colour, why not make it last? You simply need a tailored formulation that can treat over-processed and fragile hair, reverse the damage, cleanse thoroughly, leave your hair feeling smooth and retain colour for as long as possible.

The Colour Lock Shampoo by iulvia, a part of our new launch, has been developed with a pH-balanced formula that reduces colour bleed, prevents free radical damage and maintains the vibrancy of colour whether it’s bleached, processed or lightened. It is free from damaging agents like sulfates (SLS or SLES), parabens, sodium chloride, and petrochemicals - which makes it perfectly ideal for both permanent and semi-permanent hair dye with its mild but effective formula. You’ll be surprised at how supple and soft it leaves your hair from the very first use.

Now, on to this routine's second (if not more important than the first) product. Colour treated hair has the tendency to appear dry, dull and lifeless, especially if it’s not conditioned. There’s nothing like getting your favourite hue on only to realise it leaves your hair damaged and prone to breakage. How do you prevent that? It’s simple. A colour-care mask has you covered. iluvia’s Colour Lock Mask deeply conditions hair and effectively minimises frizz, dryness and breakage. Another added benefit is that it protects your hair and scalp from environmental damage too. 

Last but not least, environmental damage by moisture, pollutants and humidity has been a concern for good hair health. With coloured hair that is already prone to damage, this concern grows bigger. Fortunately, with iluvia, you have a solution for this, too. Enter our new Hair Protection Serum! This serum is free from harsh chemicals and includes pure Argan Oil, which helps form a barrier between your hair and external factors such as heat, humidity, dust and pollution.  

Remember, If you want to prolong your colour and reverse any damage caused in the process, your best bet would be investing in hair care products that are built to protect colour treated hair. We at iluvia understand your needs, so we formulated our Complete Colour Lock System to make all the difference to coloured hair and keep it nourished.

Check out the all-new Colour Lock System on www.iluviapro.com.

Happy colouring!