The easiest way to stop hair tangles and knots

The easiest way to stop hair tangles and knots

Not only is dealing with tangled hair time-consuming, but it’s also painful and damaging. However, maintaining healthy, smooth hair need not always require a lengthy hair care routine. Read on as we share 5 easy tips that will help you bid goodbye to those annoying hair knots.

1) The first question to ask yourself is: Is your hair dry and damaged? Hair keeps getting tangled more often when the cuticle (i.e., the outermost layer of hair) is damaged and open, rather than in its healthy state of smooth and closed. When hair is dry and damaged, the cuticle remains raised, and open layers get snagged with each other, leading to knots. The more damaged the cuticle’s state, the worse the knots will be.

One way of tackling this is to resort to a good hair serum post your showering process. For instance, a few drops of iluvia’s Intensive Hair Care Serum, enriched with Argan Oil, Olive Squalene Oil & Baobab Seed Oil can work wonders when it comes to managing tangles and frizz. The versatile serum also tackles another leading cause of tangled hair, which is the frequent usage of hair styling tools, acting as a protective barrier between high heat and hair.

2) Another easy solution for tangled hair is to use iluvia’s Hair Repair Mask. It comes with a unique moisture repellant formula that helps brittle, dry and chemically treated hair and protects it from humidity and excess, damaging moisture. The mask minimises frizz and prevents breakage and split ends - all of which lead to tangle-free hair that’s gleaming and soft.

Moreover, the luxurious hair care product even restores the hair and scalp’s natural moisture balance to boost hair health. It also helps to maintain results from treatments such as smoothening, colouring, straightening, keratin and cysteine.

3) Dealing with hair tangled after washing is a common grouse. Avoid towel-drying hair the minute you step out of the shower. When hair is wet, it’s weak, sensitive and prone to tangles and breakage if treated harshly. Squeeze the water out and pat dry hair before using a towel to wrap damp hair. When hair is still moist, refer back to point 1 and apply iluvia’s Intensive Hair Care Serum and say hello to tangle-free hair that’s super easy to manage and style.

4) One of the causes of tangled hair is using the wrong brush to comb your hair. Pick a wide-tooth comb or a special detangling brush to brush hair, especially after a wash. As we mentioned above, hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. Hence, you need to pay extra attention to your choice of brush to minimise hair tangling.

5) Dealing with tangled long hair even when doing all the above-mentioned steps? It’s time to give the hair some TLC even when you’re asleep. Confused? Well, long hair tangles easily while you sleep – when you toss and turn, the friction of hair against the pillow leads to knots. To keep long hair from tangling, tie hair into a loose braid, bun or a loose ponytail while you get your beauty sleep. Swap cotton pillowcases for smooth fabrics such as silk or satin, which minimise friction and ensure that you don’t wake up with a tangled mess of hair. 


Tangled hair is indicative of dry and damaged hair. Follow good practices such as protecting your hair from harsh sun exposure, brushing hair regularly, drinking enough water, and protecting hair when using hair styling tools. Incorporate iluvia’s Squalene Restorative Conditioner, Hair Repair Mask and Intensive Hair Care Serum, according to your hair type, and combat most triggers of knots and tangles. It’ll be the last time you get into a tug of war with your comb.