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Learn how to use Argan Oil for Hair & Skin

You’re about to use one of the most precious & rare commodities in nature! Pure Argan Oil is one of the best treatments for dry and frizzy hair. It is a natural cleanser, removing waterproof make-up and can be used to clean out excess Sebum from your skin, enhancing health & suppleness. Argan Oil is a dry oil and it’s rich, golden colour only makes it more unique.   For hair:   1.        a.   Post-wash b.      Apply gently on towel dried (damp) hair from mind-length to tip 2.        a.      Stepping-out b.      Apply gently on hair from mid-length to tip before stepping out as a quick solution to dryness and frizz For skin:   For oil cleanse 1.     Gently...

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12 Popular Salon Coloring Techniques - Balayage, Ombre, Sombre and others explained!

Popular hair coloring techniques that will provide you #hairinspiration for your next visit to the salon! Keep reading for on-trend, new hair styles and hair ideas. Always use high quality coloring treatments with a professional stylist for best results. All iluvia products are designed to be color-safe and compatible with most major hair treatments.

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