About iluvia Professional Care

About iluvia Professional Care

iluvia - an invite to innovative self-care.

Research based solutions for environmental origin concerns.

Discover new-age, high-performance, conscious care products. 
Engaging with the environment, nourishing the body. 

A half-decades worth of formulation research input leads to a conclusion to develop mindful self-care solutions with a difference. iluvia Professional today provides advanced new-age self-care solutions, designed for superior performance in challenging environments.

In an ever changing environment, with stressors of high pollution, an unpredicatable climate, mental & physical health challenges, dietary modifications consumers face a new set of self-care challenges.

iluvia is a culmination of efforts to deliver innovative, differentiated and high quality solutions with a focus on addressing new-age demands for the evolving urban consumer.

Discover more about our efforts to be a responsible, new-age consumer focussed brand :

iluvia is committed to pursuing eco-conscious design principles for both its products and packaging. All iluvia products are

100% Vegan.     Cruelty-free.     Not Tested on Animals.

iluvia is a registered brand with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a globally recognized non-profit, as a cruelty-free, vegan brand.


Professional inputs for practical real-world results :

A performance based result comes with the right knowledge and experience of delivering long-term results for clients.

iluvia Professional products are crafted with inputs from leading professionals in solving new-age concerns faced by their clients in the ever evolving urban environment. Some of our leading professional haircare products have been created as an answer to pressing concerns originating due to high relevance environmental factors.

The water (pollution and undesirable elements)

Professional Hard Water Shampoo - Designed to solve hair concerns like dryness, roughness, stickiness, associated hair fall and hair loss in hard water areas, fluoride affected areas, chlorinated water among others.

High mineral content of ions like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron in the water supply in many parts of the world leads to low water quality for a major part of the year. Stress on water sources due to overuse and climate change is further exacerbating quality and supply concerns. Hard water can lead to deposits in hair and scalp, altering the texture, creating short and long term hair and scalp issues. The iluvia Hard Water Shampoo gently and effectively reduces mineral ion concentration leaving hair feeling healthier, cleaner, and softer.

The sun (damage from exposure), wind (moisture loss)

Professional Squalene Restorative Conditioner - Designed to smoothen and soften hair naturally without leaving heavy, insoluble deposits. Naturally protecting hair by improving hair elasticity, flattening hair cuticles, and preventing moisture loss using emollients found in the human skin. iluvia uses 100% Plant Derived Squalene sourced from olives, & certified 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil.

The cold (dryness and flaking), high humidity (frizz)

Professional Intensive Haircare Liquid Serum - Combats dryness due to cold, dry winds, and frizziness caused due to heavy moisture in air. Contains precious Baobab oil that acts as a natural cicatrizant and insulator against rapid temperature fluctuations that can damage hair chromophores such as with hair dryers or hair iron. Argan oil has proven frizz reduction properties while squalene improves the natural lipid barrier to retain moisture.