Are you damaging your hair by washing it at the wrong temperature?

Are you damaging your hair by washing it at the wrong temperature?

Cold showers are all the rage, especially if you’re a regular at hitting the gym. Or maybe you’re a stickler for routines and ensure you never skip hair wash day. Nonetheless, if you constantly complain about bad hair days, we’ve got a reason you may not have considered. The perfect water temperature for a hair wash is something you need to keep in mind for good hair, along with the fact that opting for the incorrect temperature causes hair damage.

Why is it important to use the best temperature for hair wash?

Under normal shower temperatures, the proteins that are the building blocks of hair anatomy mostly maintain their definition. However, water can enter the hair shaft regardless of the temperature, resulting in hair strands swelling and slightly lifted cuticles.  

How does washing hair with hot water affect hair?

Hot water is a blood-flow stimulant and eliminates surplus oil. The risk, however, is that hot water tends to strip the natural essential oils of your hair scalp, and this creates more dryness. This might aggravate dandruff, frizz and excessive hair loss.

Then, is cold water for hair good for you?

Cold water showers help retain essential oils and sebum to keep hair hydrated, and lesser steam means lesser frizz. On the flip side, though, extremely low temperatures can cause the scalp’s capillaries to constrict. The resultant poor blood flow is unable to keep hair at its best. However, cold water works well as the last leg of the wash as it helps close pores to maintain scalp hygiene. So it would be wise to add rinsing off conditioner with cold water to your hair care routine.

When it comes to conditioners, pick iluvia’s Squalene Restorative Conditioner – it contains 100% Olive plant-derived Olive Squalene which naturally strengthens hair and boosts its elasticity. Its lightweight yet deep conditioning properties ensure that your hair is softer and stronger. 

In fact, cold water for hair is also ideal for rinsing off a mask. iluvia’s Hair Repair Mask’s revolutionary formula repels moisture, protecting hair from the negative effects of excess moisture, which ironically is another root cause of hair damage. It fights frizz, provides hair a smooth finish and eliminates those pesky tangles. It also helps prevent split ends and breakage, boosting hair volume.

Finally, what’s the right temperature for a hair wash?

The ideal temperature to get the best hair results is around 38°C or 100°F i.e. just above body temperature. Lukewarm water is the perfect temperature for shampoos to cleanse properly without causing scalp or hair damage.

If you’re looking to restore hair and scalp health, look no further. iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo reverses the havoc wreaked by hard water or saltwater. It gently yet effectively removes the harsh ion deposits left behind by hard water, deep cleanses the scalp, and combats hair loss. Moreover, our Hard Water Shampoo also prevents flaking caused by disturbance of the scalp’s natural oil balance.

If it’s porous or dry hair you’re struggling with, iluvia’s Sulfate Free Shampoo will come to your rescue. Its unique micro-emulsion formula cleanses damaged hair and protects it from dullness. It restores the natural shine that dry hair lacks and also prevents frizz and breakage. Our Sulfate Free Shampoo also helps maintain your hair’s lipid barrier, and you’re sure to experience softer hair from the very first use.


Lukewarm water emerges as the winner, offering you a suitable middle path. It protects your scalp and supports hair growth in a gentle manner. Complemented with the right iluvia product, your hair is bound to enjoy good health and volume.