Keeping frizz in check: Heat styling aftercare for hair

Keeping frizz in check: Heat styling aftercare for hair

Festive season calls for frequent styling and that means frequent use of styling tools. Whether it’s taming flyway's, straightening it or opting for gorgeous curls, styling tools that impart heat have become a big part of our routine. Either way, keeping away the heat is almost impossible. However, there are repercussions. 

Which leads to the question - what causes frizzy hair? It’s the lack of moisture and sometimes humidity can trigger it. Frizzy hair can also result from using too many heat-styling tools and heat styling products. Most hair types are damaged by heat, but hair that is already frizzy only gets worse.

So, do you need hair tips to keep the frizz in check this festive season? Let’s get right to it.

Get a haircut

A haircut will not just make your hair appear healthy but will also rid you of brittle, split ends. If you’re subjecting your hair to all that styling, you might as well chop off the dry and damaged ends. Every hair expert recommends a haircut every 6-8 weeks for better hair health.

Don’t use heating tools on wet hair

Besides a blow dryer, no other styling tool is meant for wet hair. As tempting as it may get to style your hair in a rush, using these tools on damp hair will cause severe damage to your hair shaft and result in issues such as split ends and burned strands.

Don’t forget heat protection

Direct contact with heat without heat protection can strip off the natural oils in the hair and cause serious damage. It also breaks down the keratin, which is known for strengthening and preserving its elasticity.

iluvia’s Intensive Hair Care Serum works as a barrier between your hair and the scorching temperature of your tools, keeping it safe from damage. This serum also contains baobab seed oil that effectively repairs brittle and damaged hair.

Keep the heat on a low

Before you switch on that blow dryer or flat iron, check the setting and adjust it to a low to moderate level. High temperatures may be effective if you’re in a hurry, but they are not recommended for healthy hair.

Use a mild shampoo

Unlike regular or clarifying shampoos, mild shampoos are devoid of harsh substances and cleanse the hair without causing further damage. The harsh chemicals present in shampoos can cause your hair to get frizzier when coupled with the use of heat styling tools. The Sulfate Free Shampoo by iluvia is mild yet effective. It is designed with a micro-emulsion formula that helps protect dry, brittle and, frizzy hair from further damage.

Don’t forget to use a conditioner or a hair mask

Frizzy hair is rough. Heat-styling frizzy hair will result in a loss of natural oils, making it vulnerable to breakage. To combat the effects of frizzy hair, always hydrate your hair with a conditioner or a hair mask.

iluvia’s Hydrophobic Hair Repair Mask is an anti-frizz, humidity-resistant hair mask formulated to repel moisture from hair, keeping it stronger, more elastic, and less prone to breakage.

The final takeaway

Aftercare is important! Pamper your hair with nourishing ingredients regardless of how much heat you use for festive hair styles. Remember, a hair care routine is essential, not just for appearances but also for overall hygiene.