Stylist-approved hair care tips to follow before winter sets in

Stylist-approved hair care tips to follow before winter sets in

The colder months are fast approaching and winter is about to set in! With this temperature drop, it is not rare to expect a series of skin and hair concerns - like dry scalp, and brittle and frizzy hair. Additionally, colderl temperatures can sometimes also mean blasts of dry air that can be harmful to hair health

While it’s definitely time to pull out the long sleeves, it’s also time to make a few changes to your hair care routine to successfully manage these issues. The sudden temperature change can be shocking to hair and bring on a series of bad hair days if not tackled properly.

The 100% Pure Argan Oil by iluvia is an anti-frizz and anti-dryness solution that so many stylists swear by! It works as a nourishing agent on a dry scalp and also nurtures the hair from root to tip. This liquid oil is perfect for keeping your hair healthy and protect it from extreme dryness and frizz. 

Besides hair oils and serums, invest in mild shampoo and a hair mask. The Hydrophobic Hair Repair Mask by iluvia is humidity-resistant and repels damaging moisture by restoring the hair and scalp's natural balance. However, what makes it even more pertinent is that It’s ideal for dull, dry and damaged hair, especially when used with our Sulfate Free Shampoo - It’s everything you need; mild, gentle & effective that brings back the shine from just a single use. 

While on the topic of shampoos, do you feel guilty about skipping a few washes? Don’t. Increasing the gap between washes gives your hair a way to maintain the natural oils. Washing your hair an awful lot can be damaging, resulting in dull and lifeless hair, especially in cold weather. Switch to a mild shampoo that can gently cleanse, without including any harsh & drying ingredients. For instance, iluvia’s Sulfate Free Shampoo does just that! 

Now, let’s talk about heat styling. A flat iron can cause more damage than help in dry weather. Whatever the heat styling tool, try to follow the right routine before using it. For example, use a heat protectant to create an insulative barrier between the styling tool and the hair cuticles. We recommend the Intensive Hair Care Serum which restores the hair’s lipid barrier, prevents heat damage and makes hair more manageable.

The final takeaway

These transitions in temperatures can cause damage that is often overlooked by many. As tradition goes, oiling your hair and applying other nourishing ingredients may prevent this damage. However, what can make a real difference is new-age technology that manifests in advanced haircare products that are scientifically designed to tackle such hair concerns. Remember, the right shampoo, conditioner and serum can go a long way! Apart from this, other tips for healthy hair include choosing lukewarm showers and maintaining a healthy diet. So, tailor your routine to fit your needs and get ready for winter!