Common haircare myths & why you should use a sulphate-free shampoo

Common haircare myths & why you should use a sulphate-free shampoo

Haircare has evolved enormously in the past two decades. Thanks to the abundance of information, more people are taking personal care into their own hands by arming themselves with their know-how about different products and their uses. 

Buzzwords are many, with several trending ones around the benefits of sulphate and paraben-free shampoos. The common problem, however, is information overload. While you may have heard of hair care's many dos and don'ts, especially shampooing, separating the grain from the chaff may be challenging.

Keep reading to know facts from fiction, bust popular myths about shampooing, and learn how sulphate-free shampoo may, in fact, be the solution to the damage done to your hair so far. 

Myths About Shampooing 

Over scrubbing is the way to clean hair: Many of us were taught that we need to give our hair and scalp a hard rub to remove all dirt and debris. In fact, washing your hair with a lot of pressure and friction is a bad idea. When hair is wet, it is delicate and prone to damage and breakages.

Be gentle, run your fingers in a circular motion and cleanse your scalp with care. The suds will wash down the hair strands and clean them, so there is no need to rub your hair vigorously.

Changing shampoos is a no-no: No, hair doesn’t ‘get used to’ some product such that it reacts badly when subjected to another. The truth is that some formulas work well with certain types of hair and not with others. So, it’s wise to choose a shampoo that suits your hair best. Also, remember hair requirements change with age and the season, your hair treatments, and overall health – so don’t forget to keep track and adjust your shampoo as per requirement.

Greasy hair doesn’t need conditioner: Greasy hair results from extra secretion of sebum on the scalp. Quality conditioners come with ingredients that protect your hair, making it easy to style. The conditioner needs to be applied only to the hair from about mid-length down. Skipping conditioner altogether may make your hair frizzy and more prone to damage. 

Using a ‘pH-balanced’ shampoo is a must: Shampoo pH is a function of its design and how it is made to work with your hair and scalp. pH balanced shampoos are great for damaged hair that require gentle, professional care. 

Shampooing too frequently will ruin your hair: The common misconception is that shampooing often will strip hair of its natural oils. But going as long as a week without shampooing may not be the right thing to do, especially if you are exposed to pollutants or exercise daily where you’d sweat a lot – it will merely build up dirt. Use a sulphate and paraben-free shampoo every alternate day to keep hair safe and clean. In urban conditions, you should shampoo at least twice a week to keep your hair and scalp free from dirt, debris, infection and other related issues. 

Oily hair should be shampooed daily: Shampooing oily hair every day, even with sulphate and paraben-free shampoo, is not recommended. The aggressive removal of sebum by shampooing daily pushes your scalp to up the sebum production, making it oilier! Daily shampooing can also make your hair brittle and your scalp itchy, but if you still wish to do so, the best way to proceed is to use a shampoo with an effective yet mild formula. 


What Is Sulphate Free Shampoo

Sulphate is a cleansing agent formed when chemicals react with sulphuric acid, a compound often found in acid rain, thereby creating a salt. Although it is a cleanser, the harsh chemical strips your scalp and hair of its natural oils, and is one of the major causes of dry, dull and brittle hair. Even though it is still widely used in shampoos, most hair experts would recommend a shampoo without sulphate and paraben. Paraben is another chemical compound that can irritate your scalp, dry out your hair, and even lead to flaking. 

What To Look for In A Sulphate-free Shampoo

Ideally, your sulphate-free shampoo should not have parabens, SLS, phthalates or artificial dyes. Also, if you want to tick all the ‘green’ boxes, 100% vegan and cruelty-free formulas are the pluses you need to look for. 

The iluvia Sulfate-Free Shampoo covers all these parameters and more. It uses a unique micro-emulsion technology that effectively cleanses normal-to-high-density hair. The formula is gentle yet effective, thus making the shampoo safe for daily use as well. If you have coloured or treated hair, professionals recommend using this product as an after-care shampoo. 

People with dry, frizzy, and damaged hair will see noticeable results after just a few washes, as the formula helps maintain and protect dry, brittle, and processed hair from further damage.

Why Should You Pick the iluvia Sulfate-Free Shampoo? 

Gently cleanses porous hair: Finding a good shampoo for dry and dull hair is not easy. But here’s the good news, iluvia’s Sulfate-Free Shampoo is the best you can find for protecting your sensitive scalp and damaged hair. 

Professionally recommended for coloured and treated hair: Maintaining the results of your chemically treated or coloured hair is always a challenge, but not with this shampoo. The mild formula allows you to retain the results for a much longer time without any hassle. 

Benefits from its unique formula: iluvia’s Sulfate-Free Shampoo uses a Micro Emulsion formula that deeply cleanses damaged hair and is even used by salon professionals and stylists. It also prevents breakage, and dryness, leaving hair soft, supple, and managed from the very first use.

Controls Frizz: One of the biggest problems that people with frizzy hair face is breakage, dryness, and difficulty managing it. However, just using this shampoo once will give you soft and supple hair, and you will notice other positive results. From improving manageability to reducing tangles and frizz, the iluvia Sulfate Free Shampoo helps maintain the hair’s natural lipid barrier.

Adds a gorgeous shine: Are you tired of trying different shampoos to make your hair lustrous and smooth? The iluvia Sulfate-Free Shampoo cleanses your hair gently and restores its shine, giving you the results that you always desired. 


Last but not least, this Sulfate-Free Shampoo is compatible (and here’s a PRO tip) when combined with the iluvia Hair Repair Mask; it helps maintain the perfect scalp and hair moisture balance by repelling humidity and thus preventing frizz, itching and stickiness.

Go on, give it a try today!