Breaking Down Hydrophobicity: What it means & why is it important in haircare

Breaking Down Hydrophobicity: What it means & why is it important in haircare

What is hydrophobicity? 

Hydrophobicity is a property of a substance that repels water. Hydrophobic molecules tend to group together and repel or not absorb water. Hydrophobicity can be found in nature. In fact, a great way to explain this would be to take the example of the lotus leaf. The lotus leaf’s molecular structure enables it to be naturally hydrophobic, repelling excess moisture without compromising its integrity. 

So, how does hydrophobicity play a role in hair care? 

A lesser-known fact is that excess humidity is a major contributor to a variety of hair problems. Humidity is at its seasonal high during the monsoon, making it imperative to take precautionary measures.

Let’s take a look at exactly why excess moisture or humidity is bad for your hair. The monsoon’s humid air reacts with hair on a molecular level. As a result, the airborne moisture ends up getting trapped. Since the proteins present in the hair aren’t uniform, they react differently to the water molecules. Once the molecules are absorbed, some strands swell, some end up getting frizzy, some break, while yet some more interact with each other, leaving hair tangled. This sort of irregular molecular water absorption leads to problems such as frizz and hair fall during monsoon.

Humidity also affects the scalp negatively. It removes natural oils, which leads to weaker roots. Increased moisture content and damp hair make the scalp a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, which may result in redness, scalp infections, and a persistent itch as well.

Why are hydrophobic products necessary during the monsoon?

Combatting moisture during the monsoon requires products that don’t add to the humidity. In fact, luxury hair care brand iluvia has designed a hydrophobic system that goes one step further and repels humidity. iluvia’s Hair Repair Mask, which features the revolutionary hydrophobic system, is the perfect monsoon hair care product.

The Hair Repair Mask restores the natural moisture of the scalp and hair. iluvia’s formula, developed from the ground up, ensures that the low moisture content keeps hair proteins flatter. It’s ideal for dry and damaged hair that needs a gentle yet effective product. The mask significantly reduces the breakage and frizz caused by humid weather. This leads to hair that’s stronger, more elastic, and easy to tame.

Moreover, the mask helps reduce friction and static charge development, prevents split ends, and keeps hair tangle-free. Professionals highly recommend it because the product is compatible with coloured or chemically treated hair. It also helps provide better results from a wide range of treatments such as colouring, smoothening, keratin, straightening, cysteine.

The Hair Repair Mask, which contains breakthrough ingredients, results in long-lasting softness from the very first use. You’re bound to notice that your hair has a smooth finish and is easily manageable, no matter what the weather.

Overview of hydrophobicity 


Avoiding excess moisture ensures that concerns such as hair fall and frizz are at bay. In the monsoon, when humidity is at the highest, hair tends to suffer from such issues. But now, hair care in the rainy season could not be any simpler. Shop iluvia’s Hair Repair Mask today.