Decoding the Detangling

Decoding the Detangling

Picture this, you’ve just woken up after a long night of rest, and your hair’s a mess - all intertwined and matted together!

Knotted and tangled hair is a debacle that bothers us more often than not. Moreover, with the festive season in full swing and styling tools being used aplenty, tangled tresses can remain a consistent issue. While the frustration is real, it’s best to hold your horses and stay calm in the situation and let us help you out. This article will give you all the hair care tips to prevent tangles and a list of everything you’ll need to detangle it without excessive hair brushing, hair loss, or damage! Remember, patience and the right hair products can make a world of difference.

Start from the ends….

Whether it’s detangling hair in the shower or the morning after, the way to go is to work through the hair knots from the ends to the crown. If you do it any other way, you’re bound to experience pain and lose much of it too!

Here’s a pro tip - while using your shampoo, slowly massage your scalp while giving the knots some extra love. Try not to detangle at this stage and use the right temperature. We recommend the Sulfate Free Shampoo by iluvia, which can gently cleanse hair and combat frizz, making it more manageable. The formulation maintains the hair’s lipid barrier to prevent further damage and dryness.

The real work begins next! After rinsing out the shampoo, gently massage the ends of your hair with a conditioner or a hair mask. Coat the strands properly and leave them for 3-5 minutes. Remember, wet hair is weaker, so any kind of tussle here would mean more breakage - the trick is to be gentle with your tangled hair at this moment and start from the ends, and in small sections.

When choosing a hair mask, look for one that’s humidity-resistant and anti-frizz, like the Hydrophobic Hair Repair Mask by iluvia. It provides a smooth, humidity-repelling finish that helps tame frizzy hair naturally and keeps it tangle-free.

Protect detangled hair with oil or serum

After a stressful process of detangling, your hair might lose some suppleness. Don’t give up yet! Amp it up with a few drops of a specialised oil or serum such as iluvia’s 100% Pure Argan Oil or the Intensive Hair Care Serum. They’re both non-sticky and can keep the hair from drying out and clumping together again. Regularly oiling hair and using a hair serum will keep your hair well-nourished with less chance of tangling.

BONUS - Invest in a protective hair wrap

It’s impossible not to toss and turn around while you’re fast asleep. To reduce tangles during a night’s rest, you might need a silk hair wrap or bonnet (as some call it). It keeps your hair in place to avoid friction against the sheets, the common culprit behind tangling.

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In conclusion….

The key is practicing proper hair care by using healthy hair products that will help reverse the damage - schedule regular haircuts to rid yourself of brittle ends and use a detangling comb as often as possible. You’re bound to free yourself from hair tangling with just a little extra attention, even in the worst-case scenario!