Greasy hair holding you back? We’ve got the solution

Greasy hair holding you back? We’ve got the solution

Dealing with greasy hair is annoying enough without also having to style it. Hair that is high in oil feels limp and dull and gets particularly bothersome. A common solution to greasy hair that most people may resort to is increasing the frequency of washes or shampooing daily. While this may provide some relief, the reality is that if your shampoo is not gentle enough, such frequent washing may lead to other side effects. So, the idea is to find the right hair care products that will not only combat the issue at hand but help you with more benefits that are bargained for. 

One such solution to combat greasy hair and greasy scalp while infusing some bounce into your hair is iluvia’s Volume Restoration System, which consists of the only two products you need in your arsenal.

Hard Water Shampoo

Take a good look at the shampoo you’ve been relying on. The ideal shampoo for greasy hair is a cleansing shampoo that removes dirt, oil and any product build-up. Your search for a hair care product that does that and more ends here.

iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo effectively cleanses hair damaged by the ill effects of hard water, using a revolutionary formulation developed from the ground up. If you’re among the majority of people in India who receive hard water at home, you’re bound to end up with metal ions and salt deposits. These contribute to making the hair oily. Our Hard Water Shampoo eliminates all of the previously mentioned elements that weigh hair down versus other non-conditioning shampoos. What makes our hair care product the best shampoo for oily hair is that apart from giving you squeaky clean hair, it also leaves you the volume your hair was lacking.

Squalene Restorative Condition

Following through with a lightweight conditioner is this routine's second and final step. After rinsing off the shampoo, it’s time for the next product in the iluvia Volume Restoration System. Our Squalene Restorative Conditioner will give you completely refreshed hair that doesn’t hold you back. It contains 100% plant-derived olive squalene, which greatly improves elasticity and strengthens greasy hair that is often weakened. Our conditioner doesn’t leave behind any insoluble silicone deposits, resulting in naturally soft hair that has more volume and bounce.


Now that you know that the best shampoo for greasy hair is also the same as the best shampoo for oily scalp, the next best step is to incorporate iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo in your routine, for hair that feels super bouncy and soft. You can rely on this best-selling combo to tackle greasy hair and put your best foot forward. 

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