How to transform dry, frizzy hair into red carpet ready hair

How to transform dry, frizzy hair into red carpet ready hair
When it comes to the glam factor, celebrities never fail to impress on the red carpet. And if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s this: celebs follow their hair care routine religiously. Here’s an easy 3-step routine to get that celebrity-like, red carpet ready hair at home:

Replace your regular shampoo with iluvia’s Sulfate Free Shampoo

The first step to gorgeous locks is ensuring that your shampoo is gentle yet effective, free from parabens and sulfates, and professionally recommended for home use. The Sulfate Free Shampoo by iluvia offers all that and more.

After extensive research, its new-age micro-emulsion (i.e., thermodynamically stable fluid; different from kinetically stable emulsions that break into oil and water over time) has been formulated from the ground up.

The shampoo is ideal for damaged or highly porous hair which tends to be brittle and high in frizz. Porous hair absorbs moisture quickly but doesn’t retain it, which results in hair that breaks easily. Iluvia’s Sulfate Free Shampoo maintains hair’s natural lipid barrier and minimises dryness and frizz.

To get that perfect celebrity-like styling and shine, you may have chosen to colour your hair, straighten it, get a keratin or cysteine treatment done, or simply use the humble hair dryer for a professional-looking blow out. Taking care of coloured or treated hair requires special attention, and the iluvia shampoo is recommended by experts to prevent damage.

The shampoo is mild enough for daily use and works to restore your hair’s natural gleam from the very first use.

Score the softest hair of your life with iluvia’s Hair Repair Mask

In order to do a hair flip worthy of the red carpet, you’ll need super silky hair. The Hair Repair Mask by iluvia will help you achieve that with its hydrophobic, moisture repellant formula. Inspired by nature, the formula prevents water from negatively affecting hair’s protein and fibre structure.

When hair fibre absorbs water, it becomes weaker, the structure swells up, and the result is dry, frizzy hair that is prone to breakage. Thanks to the moisture repellant formula, the Hair Repair Mask protects hair from frizz and damage, even in humid weather, and keeps it bouncy and strong. Low moisture content ensures that the hair proteins are healthy and reduce friction.

iluvia’s Hair Repair Mask helps keep your locks free from those annoying knots every time you blow dry hair or brush hair after a shower. Stylists recommend the revolutionary hair mask for a smooth finish every single day.

Prep your hair for a styling sesh with iluvia’s Intensive Hair Care Serum

Before you pick up that hair iron or curler to get a glamorous hairdo, you need to apply the best hair serum for frizzy hair to protect your tresses. Exposure to heat causes damage to the cuticle (i.e., the outermost layer of hair) and takes away hair's natural moisture. High temperatures alter the protein structure of hair permanently and make it limp.

A few drops of the Intensive Hair Care Serum by iluvia is your ticket to retaining your hair’s bounce, even with regular styling. The hair serum creates a protective barrier that protects your tresses from heat damage and combats dryness and frizz.

It contains the natural goodness of pure Argan Oil and Olive Squalene Oil. Argan oil often called ‘liquid gold', moisturises hair, reduces breakage and helps soften hair. The plant-based olive squalene oil replenishes each strand and protects hair’s natural sheen.

So, there you have it! With this easy hair care routine, you’ll be red-carpet ready all day, every day, with enviably glossy hair.