iluvia favourites for 2023: Recommended by hair experts

iluvia favourites for 2023: Recommended by hair experts

With the new year and new resolutions, it’s no surprise that most people want to invest in quality hair care to achieve their hair goals. The start of a new year is the perfect time to look into products you might want to try, especially if you’re looking forward to good hair days for the rest of the year. Straight, wavy, curly - whatever the hair type, there is a vast majority of choices available to suit your hair care needs. With that, it’s also a very daunting task to choose the best hair care brands in the market.

If you’re looking for a salon-recommended, professional and effective hair care brand, you’re in the right place. iluvia was created out of a desire to provide the highest quality luxury self-care products. We constantly innovate and hold ourselves to the highest standards to create products backed by scientific research and deliver professional-grade results. Here are some of our best products recommended by hair experts.

Hard Water Shampoo and Squalene Restorative Conditioner

With more than 70% of India receiving hard water, the damage is impossible to ignore. Hair thinning and hair fall have become quite common today due to the buildup caused by hard water. The iluvia Hard Water Shampoo helps reverse this damage, removes ion metal deposits, and prevents flaking while gently cleansing the hair & scalp.

No routine is complete without a conditioner! So the next step after the shampoo is using iluvia's Squalene Restorative Conditioner, which is different from traditional conditioners because it uses plant-derived olive squalene to boost the elasticity and strength of your hair. 

This shampoo and conditioner duo leaves the hair soft, silky & smooth after every wash.

Additional Benefit: the duo make up the Volume Restoration System that helps enhance hair volume from the first wash!

Repair Reviver Shampoo and Mask 

However, if your hair type is wavy, curly or coily, it might need different products to support its texture. The Repair Reviver Shampoo and Repair Reviver Mask enhances waves, curls, and coils in hair without relying on fixatives, leave-ins or waxes found in usual curly or wavy hair products. It controls frizz and allows hair to retain its natural texture, making it appear healthier and stronger.

Additional Benefit: the Repair Reviver Duo comes with advanced texture retention formula that not only makes naked curls and coils look gorgeous, but it helps enhance their natural look as well! 

Colour Lock Shampoo and Mask

Regardless of hair type, colour-treated hair always requires special care. Specially formulated products for coloured hair can help retain and enhance the colour, making it appear as-vibrant-as-ever. No more hunting! iluvia’s Colour Lock Shampoo and Colour Lock Mask use a mild, pH-balanced formula to reduce colour bleed and the degradation of colour molecules that occurs from factors like UV rays. It combats frizz, breakage and dryness and maintains the colour treatment for as long as possible.

Additional Benefit: The Colour Lock Duo can be used on coloured, bleached, highlighted or dyed hair as well!

Hair Protection Serum

While shampoos, conditioners and masks are well integrated in everyone’s hair care routine, you can always take an extra step to protect your hair from damage. This is where the iluvia Hair Protection Serum comes in. It prevents environmental damage caused by humidity, pollutants, and dust. It also prevents humidity and heat damage caused by the constant use of heat styling tools. 

Additional Benefit: The antioxidants present protects hair from free radical damage caused by pollution & sunlight that breakdown hair colour & molecular bonds!

Intensive Hair Care Serum

No hair type is immune to damage caused by heat and other styling treatments. The Intensive Hair Care Serum protects the hair by creating an insulative barrier while drying or styling with heat. It also helps to maintain the hair's health and shine.

Additional Benefit: The pure Moroccan argan oil and olive squalene oil present in the serum help to restore the hair's lipid barrier, reduce tangles, and make hair more manageable. 

Pure Argan Oil

The final MVP of this list is the 100% Pure Argan Oil. This luxurious elixir is a skincare and hair care essential. It is a non-comedogenic emollient that clears excess sebum, removes waterproof makeup, and improves dryness and frizz in hair. Designed for everyday use, it is also completely safe to use on infants/children.

Additional Benefit: The Pure Argan Oil is a dry oil and that means no sticky residue and no uncomfortable feeling. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why it’s ideal for hair, skin & children!

We hope this mini guide will push you a step closer to healthy and beautiful-looking hair without breaking the bank. Iluvia’s range of hair care products is luxurious, science-backed and accessible to help people with all kinds of hair types & hair issues.

Here’s wishing that every day is a good hair day in 2023!