Say hello to voluminous, bouncy hair this festive season

Say hello to voluminous, bouncy hair this festive season

The festive season is synonymous with perfect looks, perfect outfits and perfect hairdos. Hours spent scouring the internet for inspiration finally take shape in the form of a stunning ensemble that is festive-ready in all aspects and forms. And shiny, voluminous hair is the final piece of the puzzle that helps you put your best foot forward.

Read on for easy tips to increase hair volume:

In our daily routine, unavoidable factors such as exposure to pollution and dust, and most importantly, washing hair with hard water, leads to limp, flat and lack-lusture hair. With 70% of India receiving hard water, it is a major concern, as it makes hair rough and weak. Dealing with it is tricky, as using the wrong hair care products only leads to further damage.

However, iluvia’s Volume Restoration System is your hair care routine's perfect duo. The pair, comprising our Hard Water Shampoo and Squalene Restorative Conditioner, is specially formulated to tackle a range of hard water hair concerns while contributing to increased hair volume.

Undoing the damage by hard water needs concentrated efforts. Minerals found in hard water play truant and stay deposited in the hair and scalp – this causes hair to grow thinner and over time, aggravates oiliness, itching and flaking.

The Hard Water Shampoo gently removes the harsh metal ion deposits, and its advanced water-soluble silicones protect hair against further damage. This leaves you with hair that feels noticeably light and bouncy.

The Hard Water Shampoo, which is designed by iluvia from the ground up, also limits hair fall and breakage caused by hard water, leading to hair that looks voluminous and soft.

Hair care tips to increase hair volume:

Only healthy hair isn’t enough for festive and occasion dressing – it needs that X factor! A little extra volume goes a long way in adding some glamour to your hairdo and enhancing your overall appearance. The other half of the iluvia Volume Restoration System, the Squalene Restorative Conditioner, is perfect for the job.

Squalene gives hair elasticity a major boost and works towards limiting hair breakage and friction. The conditioner contains 100% plant-derived Olive Squalene instead of animal-derived squalane, making it a vegan and cruelty-free hair product. Moreover, its deeply nourishing but lightweight conditioning ensures that hair isn’t weighed down and therefore contributes to adding more volume.


When it comes to your festive hair care routine, the iluvia Volume Restoration System shows results from the very first wash – it’s essentially your quick fix saviour to voluminous, bouncy festive-ready hair this season. You can increase your hair volume, it’s suitable for all hair types and is compatible with coloured hair as well. 

Prep for the festive season:

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