Cysteine Hair Treatments: How to Care for Your Hair

Cysteine Hair Treatments: How to Care for Your Hair

Are you tired of struggling to maintain softness and shine after a cysteine treatment? Post-cysteine hair treatment woes are real. The chemical process involved in the treatment causes hair to become dull, dry and damaged over time. However, it’s time to understand what you need to do to fight these hair concerns while discovering the best product range that is made specifically for chemically treated hair.

This blog will help you understand how cysteine hair treatments affect the hair and what you can do as aftercare. Here’s decoding how to care for post-cysteine-treated hair.

Understanding Cysteine Treatments

Before delving into the essentials of hair care after a cysteine treatment, it's important to have an understanding of what exactly it entails.

Cysteine hair treatments are a popular method used to straighten and smoothen frizzy or curly hair. Unlike traditional keratin treatments, cysteine treatments focus on replenishing the existing cysteine protein in the hair, an amino acid responsible for its strength and elasticity. The treatment aims to reduce frizz, straighten, smoothen, add shine, and improve overall manageability by infusing the hair with cysteine.

The process begins with the application of a cysteine-based solution to the hair. This solution is then sealed in by applying heat, usually by using a flat iron. The heat activates the cysteine, allowing it to penetrate the hair shaft.

It's important to note that while cysteine hair treatments seem to provide impressive results, they are neither permanent nor good for your hair. Eventually, the effects will start to fade, and your hair will return to its natural state and be more damaged than before. Typically, cysteine treatments can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on various factors such as your hair's texture, how well you care for it, and how often you wash it.

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Now, you can better appreciate the importance of post-cysteine care. So, let's jump right into the crucial aftercare practices that will help you maintain your hair’s health.

Cysteine Hair Treatment Aftercare

post-cysteine care

While having smoother and silkier hair for a few months may seem tempting, cysteine treatments do come with their drawbacks. You may not notice any immediate effects, but in the long run, hair treatments do damage the hair, breaking down its overall strength and making it drier and more brittle.

This long-term damage is the reason you should incorporate solid post-cysteine care that will protect your hair if you get these treatments frequently.

You should start with choosing the right hair care routine for cysteine-treated hair, which will protect your hair and not ruin your salon-fresh look. Like any hair type or treatment, the key is finding products that align with your specific needs.

As recommended by salon stylists for treated hair, iluvia’s Damage Defence Duo is the perfect product combination for the job.

When it comes to washing your hair, choose the Sulfate Free Shampoo that’s one part of this duo. As the name suggests, the shampoo is free of sulfates that strip away the natural oils that help keep your hair soft and shiny. The gentle and specially formulated shampoo for cysteine-treated hair will maintain the integrity of the treatment while ensuring your hair doesn't dry out.

The shampoo allows your cysteine-treated hair to receive the right cleansing without being harsh. Made with a unique Micro Emulsion formula, it cleans the hair gently yet effectively and protects processed hair from further damage. It helps maintain the right hair and scalp moisture balance to minimise dryness, brittleness and frizz. This is why the Sulfate Free Shampoo is the best shampoo for cysteine-treated hair.

The second part of this duo is the Hair Repair Mask. After undergoing cysteine treatment, your hair may benefit from added protection to maintain its smoothness and shine. The hydrophobic hair mask repels damaging moisture from the air, taming frizzy hair and detangling it. It prevents breakage and dryness, instead imparting a long-lasting softness and smoothness to the hair.


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Serums for Cysteine Treatment Aftercare

An additional step you can take in protecting your hair after cysteine hair treatments is including a serum in your hair care routine. A major part of these hair treatments includes exposing your hair to excessive heat, which is used to seal the cysteine into your hair. These heat-styling tools, such as straighteners and curling irons, can damage your hair. So, after you treat your hair and if you plan to use heat styling tools later, be sure to protect it with the help of a hair serum to create a barrier between your hair and the heat.

Hair serums are potent formulas that work to nourish and strengthen your hair from the inside out. They are typically lightweight and easily absorbed, allowing them to penetrate into the hair shaft and deliver a concentrated dose of nutrients. By incorporating nourishing serums into your cysteine hair treatment aftercare routine, you can extend the life of your treatment while keeping your hair healthy.

The best serums for cysteine-treated hair are the Intensive Hair Care Serum and the Hair Protection Serum from iluvia. Both serums contain power-packed ingredients such as Moroccan Argan Oil and Olive Squalene Oil that strengthen your hair and make it shinier, smoother and more manageable. However, more importantly, these serums shield your hair from heat damage, making them an important step in protecting it after cysteine treatments.


In conclusion, maintaining healthy and shiny hair after a cysteine treatment doesn't have to be a struggle. Bid farewell to post-cysteine treatment troubles by pampering your hair with the care it deserves. Not only will your treatment last longer, but your hair will thank you, too.

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