Monsoon hair care guide to combat hair fall, frizz and more

Monsoon hair care guide to combat hair fall, frizz and more

The weather plays an integral role in hair’s strength, elasticity, volume and shine. As the seasons change, your hair care routine also needs tweaking. An easy but proper hair care routine will ensure that the monsoon doesn’t hold you back from putting your best foot forward.

Read on for two daily hair care routines for different monsoon hair care concerns:

1) If you’re struggling with excess hair fall:

Step 1: Hard Water Shampoo

One of the most common hair problems during the rainy season can be solved with iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo. It combats the side effects of the dangerous combination of hard water and monsoon by gently removing harsh metal ion deposits from the hair and scalp.

Deep cleansing of the scalp stops the build-up of sebum, preventing flaking, and the itchy sensation that tends to intensify during the monsoon.

The Hard Water Shampoo combats hair fall, restores volume and makes hair softer right from the first use.  

Step 2: Squalene Restorative System

Follow the Hard Water shampoo with iluvia’s Squalene Restorative System for naturally strong and healthy hair.

Iluvia’s Squalene Conditioner contains 100% plant-derived olive Squalene which significantly improves hair elasticity and reduces friction and hair breakage, thus boosting your hair's volume and bounce. Since it doubles up as an anti-frizz as well it makes it easy to keep your hair well-managed, keeping the weather in mind.

Step 3: Intensive Hair Care Serum

After the application of shampoo and conditioner, just a couple of drops of the iluvia Intensive Hair Care Serum is enough to detangle hair and make it easy to brush. But that's not the only way the lightweight serum adds value.  

It strengthens the hair's lipid barrier and is enriched with pure Argan Oil and Olive Squalene Oil, further improving hair elasticity. Moreover, Baobab Seed Oil is also one of its key ingredients, which helps repair brittle, damaged hair.

2) If you’re dealing with damaged frizzy hair

Step 1: Sulfate Free Shampoo

No monsoon hair care guide or care tips for hair are complete without a quick fix for frizzy hair. Using the iluvia Sulfate Free Shampoo is an effective, easy and safe way to tame frizz and nourish your hair.

The advanced new-age formula is unique to iluvia and is compatible with a wide range of professional hair treatments, from colouring to keratin. In stark contrast to regular shampoos with strong cleaning agents, the Sulfate Free shampoo is mild yet effective and safe for daily use.

Step 2: Hair Repair Mask

The second product for a healthy hair routine during the monsoon is the iluvia Hair Repair Mask, which aids in reducing frizz. Its hydrophobic, moisture-repellent formula is perfect for the weather. Moreover, the Hair Repair Mask by iluvia helps repair dry, brittle and chemically treated or coloured hair. The result is long-lasting softness, visible from the first use.

Step 3: Intensive Hair Care Serum

The best hair product to smoothen hair high on frizz and dryness, the iluvia Intensive Hair Care Serum ensures your hair is supple, smooth and silky. Made with pure Argan oil, Olive Squalene Oil and Baobab Seed Oil, it nourishes hair and also prevents dryness and frizz without any trace of sticky residue.

Moreover, it acts as a barrier between your hair and styling tools such as a blow-dryer, tongs and curling irons and prevents damage from heat exposure.

Following these simple hair care routine steps will protect you from the grooming challenges that the monsoon brings. Shop iluvia’s luxurious range of hair care products today.