Reasons For Winter Hair Loss And How To Recover It

Reasons For Winter Hair Loss And How To Recover It

Along with dry skin and chapped lips, the other concern that winter brings along is dryness, frizz, hair fall and hair breakage. Here’s a list of reasons that explain why we tend to lose hair in winter and what you can do to stop the hair fall.

1. Drier air results in dry hair

In winter, a drop in temperature results in the air losing moisture and humidity and becoming dry. Cold, dry air tends to lift our hair strands up, which causes moisture to dry up from the hair shafts. Dry hair is prone to get frizzy and break easily. One of the most effective ways to alleviate the problem is to deep condition your hair with a good hair conditioner. Even better, make deep conditioning a part of your weekly winter hair care routine.

iluvia’s Squalene Restorative Conditioner, made with plant-derived Olive Squalene, is the ideal solution. Inspired by anti-ageing skincare, the conditioner transforms your hair to be naturally softer and stronger without heavy, insoluble silicone deposits. This revolutionary formula deep conditions your hair and leaves it feeling silky, lustrous and healthy. Apply a small quantity of conditioner to damp hair, leave it on for five minutes, and rinse out with lukewarm or cold water. Thanks to the essential oil in it, you can also say goodbye to frizz and fly-away hair strands, which are recurring problems during the cold season.

Squalene Restorative Conditioner

2. Hard water could be the culprit

If hard water flows from the taps in your home, then that could be one reason for increased hair fall. Washing your hair in water contaminated with minerals and salts can, over a sustained period of time, lead to weaker hair. This is because hard water leaves metal-ion deposits on the scalp, making it dry and exacerbating flaking conditions. It blocks pores, leading to thinner hair and also making hair treatments ineffective. To protect your hair from the ill effects of hard water, instill a water softener over your tap or shower head or wash your hair with distilled water. Another winter hair care solution would be to use the right shampoo.

iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo is specifically designed to gently but effectively remove metal ion deposits from hair and scalp. It does this with naturally sourced chelating agents that bind to the deposits and gently remove them. The shampoo prevents further deposits of metal ions by neutralising the charge on the hair with advanced water-soluble silicones. It also mildly conditions the hair and adds significant volume to it. The shampoo is suitable for coloured and treated hair as well.    

iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo

3. Seasonal hair loss

A couple of studies, including one by the British Association of Dermatologists, have found that there’s a correlation between hair fall and seasons. According to these findings, we tend to shed hair more in summer and fall and between late fall and winter. As stated earlier in this post, the latter happens because of drier air in winter. Overall, seasonal hair loss occurs because a change in temperature puts added stress on the scalp and hair follicles, causing them to break easily. Seasonal hair loss is a temporary problem that will reverse in time, but it is better to have a proper winter hair care routine that strengthens and protects your hair and scalp for every season.

4. Harsh hair treatments & heat application

Do you wear your hair in tight braids, buns or other uncomfortable styles? Do you colour your hair or put it through many styling treatments? Any treatment or hairstyle that stresses your hair can make it weaker and susceptible to breakage. Washing your hair in extremely hot water or using heat styling tools opens your hair cuticles and leaves them dry and brittle.

Protect your hair with iluvia’s Intensive Hair Care Serum. It creates an insulative barrier that shields hair from the damage caused by heat styling treatments and keeps it lustrous and healthy. It has Moroccan Argan Oil and Olive Squalene Oil, which help restore the hair’s lipid barrier and reduce tangles. The Baobab Oil in it repairs brittle hair.

Apply a few drops of the product to damp hair after a wash for tangle-free hair.  Squeeze one or two pumps of the serum before styling to protect hair from the heat. For better results, use it as an overnight treatment for stronger hair with a better lipid barrier.

5. A diet low in nutrients

If you are suffering from hair fall, inspect your diet too. A diet of nutrition-deficient, unhealthily cooked foods can trigger hair loss. So take care to eat a balanced diet every day. Since hair is made of keratin, a protein that ensures healthy hair growth, take care to consume the daily recommended quota of proteins. Include fruits and vegetables rich in good fats, vitamins and minerals. Consulting your doctor if you need to add vitamin or mineral supplements to your daily diet is an additional solution for how to control hair fall.

Enjoying healthy growth of hair all year round is not an impossible goal. What you need is a comprehensive approach that includes the usage of well-formulated products, gentle hair care and a balanced diet to have hair that is strong, glossy, and season-proof.

For all your hair care product needs, iluvia has you covered. Check out our range of specialised products today!