Squalene for Hair: Why You Need It in Your Hair Care Routine

Squalene for Hair: Why You Need It in Your Hair Care Routine

If you struggle with thin, brittle hair that breaks easily, you need this haircare superhero: Olive Squalene for hair. This extraordinary ingredient strengthens the hair and improves its elasticity, making it resistant to breakage and split ends. This is why the lightweight formula is recommended for those with thin, straight hair. So, turn your scanty hair into a head of voluminous, strong and luscious locks today. Here’s everything you need to know about Olive Squalene Oil.

What is Olive Squalene for Hair?

The organic lipid that is a natural antioxidant is found in many plant and animal sources, including in our own bodies. Our skin’s sebaceous glands contain around 12% Squalene – the highest quantities in children. As we age, the amount of Squalene the body naturally produces starts to decline, making it essential to replenish it externally to maintain your skin and hair’s health.

While traditionally, Squalene is sourced from the livers of sharks, iluvia uses the vegan alternative – Olive Oil. Squalene is abundantly found in Olive Oil, and its molecular structure is so similar to the skin’s naturally occurring squalene that it penetrates far more easily and gets absorbed more effectively.

The Benefits of Squalene for Hair

Adding Vital Nutrients

Olive Squalene Oil fills your hair with necessary vitamins and antioxidants to aid hair repair and growth. The oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft, locking in the hair’s natural oils and infusing it with nutrients from within. As a result, it protects your hair from brittleness and conditions it so it always feels soft and smooth.

As Olive Squalene works, your hair will become stronger, shinier and more lustrous than ever before. With each use, you're not only providing your hair with the care it needs but also elevating your entire haircare routine to new heights.

Improving Hair Quality

When talking about hair quality, it’s important to look at hair elasticity, which directly determines your hair’s strength. Hair elasticity measures how long you can stretch a strand of hair before it breaks. Hair with low elasticity is more susceptible to breakage, split ends, tangles and roughness.

This is one of the main benefits of Olive Squalene Oil. It improves the elasticity of hair strands, strengthening them and making them more resilient to further damage. This is how the oil revitalises damaged strands, naturally giving you stronger and healthier hair.

Restoring Shine and Taming Frizz

An important Olive Squalene Oil benefit is it improves hair strength, which lessens the likelihood of breakage and split ends. With long-term use, you will notice hair strands with a smooth and consistent texture that doesn’t break easily.

A by-product of stronger hair is shinier, glossier hair. As it strengthens the hair from within, your hair will be less frizzy, dry and brittle and, instead, look shiny and feel soft.

Supports Hair Volume

Olive Squalene Oil is a game-changer for those already struggling with limp, heavy hair. While most oils leave behind greasiness, this oil is lightweight. The benefits of this is two-fold. Firstly, it doesn’t clog the hair follicles, meaning it gets absorbed into the hair and skin easily with no residue left behind. Secondly, it conditions the hair without weighing it down, giving thin hair a volume boost.

How to Incorporate Olive Squalene into Your Haircare Routine

Now that you know the many benefits of Olive Squalene for hair, you're probably eager to incorporate it into your daily haircare routine. Luckily, incorporating Olive Squalene into your haircare regimen is as easy as effective.

Start by looking for haircare products that specifically mention the inclusion of Olive Squalene in their formulas. Whether it's a conditioner or hair treatment, opting for products that feature Olive Squalene as a key ingredient will ensure you're giving your hair the nourishment it needs. Check the ingredient list for "Olive Squalene" or "Squalane" to ensure you get the real deal.

Here are some simple ways to make the most of this oil:

1. Introduce Olive Squalene into Your Conditioning Ritual: Swap your regular conditioner with iluvia’s Squalene Restorative Conditioner. This conditioner contains 100% natural Olive Squalene. It was designed to be non-greasy and light, giving your hair a brilliant, bouncy look without making it heavy. This formulation's Olive Squalene Oil increases the hair's elasticity and strength, lessening the chance of breakage and frizz. It also contains Argan Oil, which further adds shine and smoothness.

Squalene Restorative Conditioner

Apply it to your hair, focusing mainly on the ends. Give it a few minutes so the conditioner can evenly penetrate your hair. Rinse thoroughly and revel in the renewed vitality of your hair.

2. Pamper Your Hair with Olive Squalene Hair Masks: Treat your hair to a luxurious Olive Squalene hair mask once a week to restore its health and vibrancy. Choose between the iluvia Hair Repair Mask for dry, damaged hair, the Repair Reviver Mask for curly or wavy hair and the Colour Lock Mask for coloured or treated hair.

The Hair Repair Mask restores the natural oil balance of the hair and scalp while keeping moisture away from them. This keeps the hair bouncy, frizz-free and soft while lowering the likelihood of breakage and split ends.

Hair Repair Mask

Unlike many conventional curl care treatments, the Repair Reviver Mask uses natural ingredients to define the hair’s waves and curls by improving the cross-links in their molecular structure. Enriched with rice and tomato bio-ferments, it also enhances the hair’s natural softness, making it frizz-free and easier to manage.

Repair Reviver Mask

The pH-balanced Colour Lock Mask helps hair retain the dye and guards against free-radical damage from UV rays that can break down colour molecules. It preserves the vibrancy of hair colour, conditions the hair thoroughly, eliminates frizz, breakage and dryness, and makes it more manageable and silkier.

Colour Lock Mask

3. Boost Your Styling Products: Take your styling routine to the next level by getting the many Squalene serum benefits. This will add shine and tame frizz and offer your hair an extra dose of nutrients and protection from heat damage.

The right hair serum for thin, frizz-prone hair is the Intensive Hair Care Serum, which strengthens the hair’s lipid barrier. It smoothens the hair, improving texture and reducing tangles. It adds more volume and shine to the hair, but most importantly, it shields the hair from styling tools.

Intensive Hair Care Serum

If your hair falls under the thicker and coarser category, you should opt for the Hair Protection Serum. In addition to repairing dry, brittle hair, it protects it from free-radical damage brought on by pollution, sunlight and high temperatures from styling tools.

Hair Protection Liquid

You can now give your hair the TLC it needs by incorporating Olive Squalene into your haircare routine. So why wait? Take action today and introduce it into your daily haircare regimen.

Head to iluviapro.com to get your Squalene for hair products today!