Wavy & curly hair deserves its own hair care

Wavy & curly hair deserves its own hair care

Curly, coily and wavy hair types are beautiful yet hard to care for if you don’t use the right products. With so many options for gels, creams and conditioners, finding something suitable is impossible. Naked waves, curls and coils seem to have a life of their own, and to tame, style and manage them is another story. Here are some best practices that you must know before we get to solutions. 

The shape of your hair is determined by your genes, which in turn, decides whether your hair follicles or roots are round or oval. Round follicles sprout straight hair; oval-shaped follicles, on the other hand, grow curly hair. Wavy hair has hints of curly hair but does not have the spirals that make curly hair stand out. The strands of hair or shafts, too, have a role to play in the straight & curly hair divide. Hair is made up of fibrous protein known as keratin. This protein has a high number of cysteine amino acids which can create bonds known as disulfide bonds in the hair. Curly hair has a greater concentration of these bonds.

So, why does wavy and curly hair need special care? They tend to be drier than straight hair and are highly susceptible to humidity, making them even more dry, frizzy and unmanageable. What’s more, the frizz may lead to hair breakage calling for special hair treatment.

Choose a shampoo specially designed for wavy and curly hair. The iluvia Repair Reviver Shampoo is crafted with cutting-edge scientific technology that uses gentle nature-derived ingredients to cleanse and protect curly hair.

The Repair Reviver Shampoo enhances hair's ability to retain its natural shape by multiplying the cross-links present in its molecular structure, so you may show off your curly hair styles to your advantage. Bioferments soften the fiber and help control frizz. The shampoo naturally enhances waves, curls and coils in hair. The product is pH balanced and promotes natural cross-links to strengthen hair. It is scientifically designed for natural curl retention, so you won’t need harsh shampoos, fixatives, waxes, or leave-in curly products.

Apply a mask once or twice a week to enhance the retention of curls naturally. The iluvia Repair Reviver Mask helps enhance waves, curls and coils in hair without the use of heavy, sticky waxes found in traditional leave-in products. The restorative mask leaves hair soft, with gorgeous, naturally defined waves and curls.

The revolutionary formula deep-conditions textured hair, leaving them stronger, silkier and more manageable. Bioferments of tomato and rice enhance shine and softness. The mask is perfectly safe for coloured or treated hair.

Shield those natural curls and waves with the right choice of protective serum. iluvia’s Hair Protection Serum is particularly good for frizzy and thick hair. It is, therefore, ideal for protecting wavy or curly hair. It imparts shine and luster while preventing damage by pollutants, heat and excess moisture (the big devil for curly hair). It makes curls and waves manageable and easier to style.

The serum is safe for use on coloured or treated hair and contains actives that help repair brittle hair. Go ahead, step out and flaunt your beautiful wavy curls and curly hair styles without worrying about hair damage. 

This 3-step hair care routine is fuss-free and convenient even on your most hectic days. Try out these products to see a real difference in your hair from the very first use.

In conclusion, choosing the right products for your hair type is crucial. When it comes to choosing the right hair care, iluvia has a wide range of products for every hair type and hair concern. The goodness of iluvia products, crafted solely for curly or wavy hair, is only a click away. With these scientifically formulated products, you can find the right balance that your hair needs to turn those bad hair days around.