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Squalene Restorative Conditioner
Regular price ₹ 925
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Strength & Conditioning — Unlike traditional conditioners, Iluvia’s Squalene Restoration Conditioner uses Plant-derived Olive Squalene to improve elasticity & strength of your hair. Inspired from anti-aging skincare, the restorative conditioner transforms hair to be naturally softer & stronger without heavy, insoluble silicone deposits.

The revolutionary formula lightly conditions your tresses leaving them silky, lustrous, & healthy-feeling over time vs traditional products that loose their effectiveness soon after drying. Experience the difference from the 1st use!

Intensive Hair Care Serum
Regular price ₹ 425
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Luscious, lightweight, non-sticky — Iluvia’s intensive hair care serum creates an insulative barrier that protects hair from the heat and damage caused by straightening, drying, and other styling treatments, keeping it lustrous and healthy. Best suited for thin, frizz-prone hair for more volume & shine.

Pure moroccan argan oil & olive squalene oil help restore the hair’s lipid barrier, reduces tangles, & makes hair shiny, smooth, and manageable.
Sulfate Free Shampoo
Regular price ₹ 575
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Mild, gentle, effective  — Protects damaged hair & sensitive scalp from dullness and dryness. Gently cleanses the hair & restores the hair’s natural shine. Its mild formula is pH balanced & compatible with processed, porous hair.

The unique Micro Emulsion formula effectively cleanses porous (damaged) hair. It also prevents frizz, breakage, and dryness, leaving hair soft, supple, and managed from the very first use.

Hair Repair Mask
Regular price ₹ 675
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Long lasting frizz control — Humidity-resistant, anti-frizz hair mask that repels damaging moisture. Helps repair dry, brittle, chemically treated hair and protects from humidity.

iluvia’s Hydrophobic Hair Repair Mask uses breakthrough ingredients that gives gorgeous, gleaming, red carpet ready hair, every time.

Pro Maintenance System - iluvia Professional
Pro Maintenance System - iluvia Professional


Pro Maintenance System
Regular price ₹ 2,200
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Restore, Revive, & Protect - iluvia’s Pro Maintenance System designed to protect and smoothen dry, damaged hair. The unique micro-emulsion formula of the Sulfate-Free Shampoo prevents dryness and the Hydrophobic Hair Repair Mask repels damaging moisture and keeps your hair smooth & tangle-free. The Hair Protection Liquid provides an additional moisture barrier while protecting from heat, UV damage and controls frizz.