How to transform your hair with iluvia’s 3 Wash Challenge

How to transform your hair with iluvia’s 3 Wash Challenge
Finding the best hair serum or hair treatment that suits you depends on a number of factors, such as scalp health and hair type. But finding the right haircare routine can be tough and recognizing that fact, iluvia has come up with a unique hair wash challenge called the ‘3 wash challenge’. With results expected from the first wash itself, the 3 Wash Challenge includes shampoo, conditioner and serum in convenient sizes for you to try out.

Pick a challenge based on your hair type and concerns.

Challenge 1) The Pro Haircare System kit for normal to oily hair

Step 1: Hard Water Shampoo

All shampoos are not suited for hard water, and if washing hair with shampoo that you use regularly is not giving you the desired results, then it may be time for a switch. Regular exposure to hard water makes your hair and scalp sticky and weak. It also blocks pores and causes hair to grow thinner, resulting in volume issues.

iluvia’s Hard Water Shampoo, the first of its kind will help you regain your hair’s volume, softness and gleam. It’s designed to combat and prevent the negative effects of hard water and gently removes the harsh metal ion deposits from hair as well as the scalp.

Step 2: Squalene Restorative Conditioner

Using conditioner after shampoo is an absolute must, but first things first. You’re probably wondering what is Squalene and why it is Squalene used in haircare products? Simply put, squalene is an ingredient that mimics hair’s natural oils, which tend to deplete due to age.

iluvia’s Squalene Restorative Conditioner contains 100% plant-derived Olive Squalene and what it does is that it strengthens your hair while improving elasticity, resulting in noticeably reduced hair fall and bouncier hair.  

Step 3: Intensive Hair Care Serum

At your wit’s end with frizzy hair? The next step in the challenge will sort you out. Just a few drops of the Intensive Hair Care Serum on wash days (or even non-wash days) will work wonders - the serum is enriched with pure Argan Oil and Olive Squalene Oil, which improve hair elasticity. It also contains Baobab Seed Oil which nourishes and repairs brittle hair.

Leave in the Intensive Hair Care Serum overnight, and it’ll work as a hair treatment routine by restoring and strengthening your hair’s lipid barrier. You can also use it after a wash and rest easy while dealing with tangles and frizz.

Challenge 2) The Pro Maintenance System kit for normal to dry hair

Step 1: Sulfate Free Shampoo

iluvia’s Sulfate Free Shampoo does what regular shampoos with strong formulas can’t. The Sulfate Free Shampoo cleanses gently yet effectively and protects dry, processed hair from further damage thanks to its indigenously developed micro-emulsion technology system.

It’s perfect for tackling dry, frizzy hair and is ideal for use on coloured or chemically treated hair because it’s designed to retain colour. Moreover, it helps maintain hair’s natural lipid barrier, further minimising dryness and frizz.

Step 2: Hair Repair Mask

If you opt for hair treatments like keratin, cysteine, straightening or smoothening, you require special after shampoo hair care. The next product in the Pro Maintenance System kit, the Hydrophobic Hair Repair Mask, is ideal for dry, brittle and chemically treated hair and protects it from humidity thanks to its revolutionary moisture-repelling formula.

When hair fibres absorb water, their strength reduces, and hair health suffers. The Moisture Protection Mask restores the natural balance of your hair and scalp and keeps it from turning frizzy, even in humid weather.

The result is hair with long-lasting softness and shine that will turn heads!

Step 3: Intensive Hair Care Serum

Lastly, exposure to high heat from styling tools and blow dryers changes hair structure and makes hair more prone to damage. The final product in the challenge, the Intensive Hair Care Serum, protects your hair by adding a barrier between your styling tool and your hair and sealing in moisture. A couple of pumps of the Serum is enough in your pre-styling heat protection routine.

It is infused with pure Moroccan Argan Oil, Olive Squalene Oil, and Baobab Seed Oil. It also boosts hair elasticity and works towards restoring the lipid barrier.

Its lightweight, non-sticky formula makes it fuss-free and easy to use. Smoothen out dry, frizzy hair with the best serum and style your hair without worrying about the negative effects of heat!

So, ready for the 3 wash challenge? Pick a kit by iluvia here.