How to Remove Hard Water Buildup & Protect Your Hair

How to Remove Hard Water Buildup & Protect Your Hair

Are you tired of trying to remove the relentless hard water buildup that is ruining your hair? We’ll reveal three techniques that actually work in removing hard water buildup from your hair. Prepare to say goodbye to harsh water and welcome smooth, manageable hair that gleams naturally. Hard water damage will no longer hold you back if you have these techniques in your hair care arsenal. So why wait? Let's get started!

How Hard Water Buildup in Hair Causes Damage

Understanding the effects of hard water buildup in hair is essential to properly address the issue and get the hair you want. Hard water, defined as water with high mineral content, such as calcium and magnesium, can cause severe damage to your hair, making it dry, brittle and difficult to manage.

These minerals can attach to your hair strands and block your pores when you wash your hair with hard water, resulting in a buildup layer that makes your hair feel heavy. It makes it challenging for your hair to absorb the nutrients and conditioning agents from regular hair care products.

In addition to clogging pores and making hair brittle and greasy, the minerals also cause an oily scalp, decreased growth of hair, limpness and other issues. This can eventually cause split ends, breakage and a general decline in the condition and look of your hair.

However, you can eliminate hard water buildup and make your hair look and feel its best by using the appropriate methods to tackle this frustrating issue.

Technique #1: Hair Products for Hard Water – iluvia’s Complete Professional System

While DIY methods of removing hard water buildup have some merit, they don't provide your hair with a holistic solution against hard water damage. To truly protect your hair and combat the struggles of hard water and its long list of side effects, your hair needs complete professional care, tailor-made to work against hard water.

This is exactly what you will find with iluvia’s Complete Professional System, which includes the Hard Water ShampooSqualene Restorative Conditioner and Intensive Hair Care Serum.

The shampoo to remove hard water buildup is made to eliminate metal ion deposits from the scalp and hair gently yet efficiently. To do this, it uses chelating agents derived from natural sources that attach to metal ions deposited by hard water and remove them. By neutralising the charge on the hair using water-soluble silicones, the shampoo conditions the hair and stops additional metal ion deposition.

This is how the shampoo for hard water buildup protects your hair from breakage and hair fall while softening and giving it a noticeable boost in volume. After using it to cleanse your hair and scalp, your hair will feel much lighter and cleaner.

Coming to the next step, the Squalene Restoration Conditioner strengthens and increases the suppleness of your hair by using Olive Squalene obtained from plants. With no heavy, insoluble silicone deposits, the restorative conditioner makes hair naturally softer and stronger. It works as an anti-frizz treatment, nourishing and protecting your hair from further damage.

The last step, the Intensive Hair Care Serum, forms an insulating layer that protects the hair from all kinds of harm. The serum, enriched with pure Moroccan Argan Oil and Olive Squalene Oil, also makes hair look shinier and more luxurious while reducing tangles.

Hard Water Shampoo for hair
Squalene Restoration Conditioner
Intensive Hair Care Serum for hair

Technique #2: Water-Softening Shower Filters for Hard Water Hair Treatment

Water-softening shower filters work by reducing the concentration of minerals present in the water, preventing them from coming into contact with your hair and skin.

Yes, they do remove minerals from the water, but they may not be an ideal solution for everyone. Firstly, shower filters are an expensive option and the filters need to be changed regularly as the minerals get clogged in the head. Secondly, those who move houses frequently, travel often or have to wash their hair with different types of water cannot always ensure that the showerhead has a filter installed.

While shower filters help reduce the negative impact of hard water and leave your hair feeling softer and healthier, they may be too inconvenient or expensive for many people.

Technique #3: DIY Methods for Hard Water Buildup

Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar and white vinegar are popular natural solutions for a variety of home and cosmetic issues. When it comes to hard water buildup on your hair, vinegar can be an effective solution due to its acidic properties. The acidity of vinegar helps dissolve and remove mineral deposits that cause the buildup.

In a spray bottle or other container, combine equal parts vinegar and water to make a homemade vinegar rinse. The ratio can be changed based on how severe the hard water problem is in your home. Use the vinegar rinse on your hair after shampooing, making sure to completely cover it from roots to ends. To uniformly spread the rinse, you can use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers.

Leave the vinegar rinse on your hair for a few minutes, allowing it to penetrate the strands and break down the mineral deposits. After that, give your hair a good rinse with lukewarm water. It's important to note that the smell of vinegar may linger temporarily, but it will dissipate as your hair dries.

A vinegar rinse may be a quick solution, but it has a couple of drawbacks. Vinegar, being acidic in nature, has a strong, pungent smell that remains in the hair for a while. But the bigger issue with a vinegar rinse is that it only helps break down hard water buildup. For your hair’s overall health and appearance, it’s always better to have a tailored hair care treatment that tackles all your hair’s problems while also making it stronger and healthier.

As you explore the different techniques to combat hard water buildup, consider switching to a complete hard water hair care system. Not only will it help protect your hair from mineral accumulation, but it will also contribute to an overall improved experience. So, give your hair the extra love it craves and let the Complete Professional System enhance your efforts in maintaining beautiful and strong hair.

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