The easiest routine for curly, wavy & coily hair

The easiest routine for curly, wavy & coily hair

Wavy, curly and coily hair come with their own personalities. Yet, how is it that we see so many people flawlessly and effortlessly managing their curls? The secret lies in fool-proof, research-backed product formulations that can change your hair game forever.

We’ll tell you how.

Wavy and curly hair is prone to frizz due to its unique structure, environmental factors, and styling practices. By understanding the causes of frizz and using products and techniques to combat it, anyone with curly or wavy hair can maintain naturally enhanced, defined curls and reduce frizz. Let’s look into some of these factors and how they affect curls and waves.

Shampoos and soaps usually contain multiple surfactants that are responsible for producing lather. The surfactants in shampoos help to remove excess oil, dirt, and product residue from our hair. However, this process can also cause dryness and dullness for curly or wavy hair types, especially if the shampoo is too harsh.

Curly hair is naturally dry when compared to straight hair. The reason for this is that the bends and twists in curly hair make it hard for the scalp's natural oils to travel down the hair shaft. While sulfates can be effective cleansers, the harsher kinds can strip away these natural oils, leaving curly hair even drier and prone to frizz. When the hair becomes too dry, the cuticle layer can lift, which causes frizz.

Sulfate-free shampoos contain milder surfactants that do not strip away as much of the natural oils in the hair. This helps to keep the hair defined, and healthy-looking.

In addition to the benefits for the hair, using a sulfate-free shampoo can also reduce scalp irritation and dryness. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, sulfates can be a common cause of scalp irritation and dryness. By switching to a sulfate-free shampoo, people with curly or wavy hair can reduce the likelihood of experiencing these unpleasant side effects.

We recommend iluvia’s Repair Reviver Shampoo, specially formulated for curly, wavy and coily hair. This shampoo is sulfate-free, vegan, and enriched with plant-based actives. By increasing the cross-links in the molecular structure of the hair, this product can improve the hair's ability to retain its natural shape.

For individuals with limited time, curly hair routines can be cumbersome due to the number of steps typically involved. The good thing is, you only need three products when it comes to choosing iluvia for your hair care needs. After cleansing your hair, the second step involves following up with a conditioner or mask that can help you enhance your curls and waves. Try using the Repair Reviver Mask, which utilises bio-ferments from tomato and rice to gently soften the hair while avoiding the use of polymers and waxes commonly found in traditional leave-in hair products.

Here’s something else to consider: Environmental factors like UV rays, humidity, pollution and more can play a significant role in damaging curly and wavy hair. When hair is exposed to these factors, the hair lipids get damaged, leading to dry and lifeless photodamaged hair. Moreover, harsh sunlight is responsible for damaging the disulphide bonds, which are crucial for the elasticity of hair and for maintaining its structure. As a result, the hair shaft loses its integrity. If you’re looking for extra insulation, our Hair Protection Serum is your best bet. Furthermore, it helps repair dry and brittle hair, reviving its shine and softness from the very first use.

To summarise, this wavy and curly hair routine is ideal for individuals with busy schedules who may not have the time or resources to dedicate to elaborate hair care routines. With only three simple steps involved, this routine is easy to follow. It can be completed quickly, making it a convenient option for individuals who need to streamline their daily activities. Moreover, the routine is safe for curly and wavy hair types, which tend to be more delicate and prone to damage.

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