Winter Hair Care Tips That Will Change Your Hair Forever

Winter Hair Care Tips That Will Change Your Hair Forever

Winter brings with it a certain charm, but while we indulge in winter's delights, our hair often bears the brunt of the season. The cold, dry air can leave our hair lifeless, frizzy and damaged. To help you attain flawless winter hair and go out with radiance all season long, we've compiled our top winter hair care tips. With our tips, you'll learn how to combat common hair issues using the best hair care products for the season.

It's time to reclaim control over your hair. No more dryness, frizz or breakage. It's time to pamper yourself and embrace luscious, healthy hair all winter long!

Frizz Control Masks and Conditioners

The dry air of winter can deplete your hair of its natural moisture, making it fragile, lifeless and brittle. Hair masks and conditioners will rescue your strands from such dryness and damage. Packed with carefully selected ingredients, these products penetrate your hair shaft deeply, restoring its natural shine and softness.

Incorporating a hair mask or conditioner into your weekly hair care routine can make a world of difference. Simply apply the mask or conditioner to clean, damp hair and let it work its magic for the specified amount of time. If you use them with the right shampoo and serum, the result will be deeply nourished, hydrated locks ready to brave the winter elements.

Hair masks and conditioners also help to tame frizz and reduce breakage. By strengthening your strands from within, these products create a protective barrier against the harsh winter conditions, shielding your hair from further damage. With continued use, you'll see a noticeable difference in your hair's overall health and appearance.

To accommodate various hair types and needs, iluvia provides a range of hair masks and conditioners.

Sqaliene Kit

For low to moderate hair density, we recommend the Squalene Restorative Conditioner. One of the key elements in the deep conditioning treatment is Olive Squalene, which is extracted from plants. This dry hair winter treatment not only conditions hair but also strengthens and increases its suppleness. The lightweight, non-sticky solution will leave your hair softer, smoother and less likely to break and tangle. Due to its anti-static qualities, the pure Moroccan Argan Oil helps to keep hair from looking frizzy and unruly.


The Hair Repair Mask is the best solution for dry hair in winter. Each strand of hair is strengthened and becomes less brittle thanks to the hydrophobic and moisture-repellent formula, which also shields hair from the damaging effects of high humidity. Additionally, it gives long-lasting softness and efficiently combats frizz after each application.

Repair-Revival Kit

The Repair Reviver Mask is the best curly hair product in winter if you're looking for an effective conditioner. The shape of your hair is preserved and revived by the natural enhancement of the cross-links in your hair that give it wavy and curly shapes. It is also designed to prevent frizz, soften hair and make it easier to handle. It contains bioferments of rice and tomato. It is also beneficial for thick, coarse hair that has had chemical treatments and may be experiencing excessive dryness and frizz.


Choose a mask designed primarily to preserve the colour of your colour-treated winter hair, such as the Colour Lock Mask. Maintaining hair colour and avoiding colour bleed are the main purposes of the pH-balanced mask. The deep conditioning treatment also keeps hair supple and smooth while preventing breakage and frizz.

Essential Oil Treatment

As we continue our journey to achieving perfect winter hair, let's delve into the realm of essential oils. These oils offer a transformative experience for your locks, providing much-needed nourishment and protection during the colder months.

Essential oils have long been used in various beauty rituals and are now making waves in the world of winter hair care. These precious oils possess unique qualities that can address specific hair concerns, making them a valuable addition to your winter hair care routine.

One of the most notable benefits of essential oils is their ability to nourish the hair and scalp deeply. During winter, our hair often suffers from dryness and dehydration due to cold temperatures, which is also a cause of hair fall in winter.

Essential oils also provide a protective shield against harsh winter elements. They create a barrier that helps seal in moisture, preventing it from escaping and safeguarding your hair from environmental aggressors like cold wind and dry air. By incorporating essential oils into your cold-weather hair care routine, you're not only nourishing your strands but also fortifying them against damage.


Try the 100% Pure Argan Oil if you're looking for a hair oil that can do all this and more. This hair emollient is certified organic and cold-pressed. From root to tip, it works as a leave-in conditioner and an anti-breakage treatment. The naturally occurring fatty acids in argan oil have a shielding action that helps protect hair from breakage and damage caused by styling, washing and other treatments. Apart from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, it's also a superb anti-frizz and anti-dryness agent, keeping the hair hydrated. These are the reasons why it’s considered one of the best hair products for winter.

Taming Curly Hair in Winter

Winter can be particularly challenging for those with curly hair. The cold, dry air tends to zap moisture from our strands, leaving them prone to frizz and flyaways. That's where winter curly hair products come in. These specially designed formulas cater to the unique needs of curly hair, providing the extra hydration and control necessary to tame winter frizz.

Starting with a healthy foundation is key to ensuring your curly hair is ready for the winter. This is why we suggest switching to a hair care regimen made especially for curly and wavy hair, such as the Repair Reviver System.


The Repair Reviver ShampooRepair Reviver Mask and Hair Protection Serum make up this three-product regimen. It's a must-have in your curly hair routine. The gentle, pH-balanced shampoo not only cleans the scalp and hair but also naturally accentuates waves, curls, and coils. Restoring the softness and strength of damaged or porous hair is another excellent use. Then, to maintain the hair's original texture and shape, use the hair mask to strengthen the cross-links between the individual hair molecules. The serum is the final step, so don't forget it. A few drops will delicately shield your hair from heat and damage, making it an essential part of any curly or wavy hair treatment.

3-wash challenge

Do you have a different hair type? Learn more about the iluvia 3-wash challenge to find the right product combination for you.

Add An Extra Layer of Protection with Serums

Another must-have product for winter is a serum. These products are great for adding shine, taming frizz and providing extra nourishment to your strands. Apply a few drops of serum before styling to shield your hair from the harsh winter weather.

When choosing the best hair serum for winter, it's important to consider your specific hair type and concerns.


The Intensive Hair Care Serum is a great option for those with fine or thin hair seeking a light serum that will give their hair more shine and add more volume. It plumps and restores the hair's lipid barrier from within by penetrating each hair shaft and is infused with Moroccan Argan and Olive Squalene Oil. By doing so, it fortifies the hair, shielding it from heat damage brought on by styling and hair treatments. Along with making hair shinier, smoother and easier to handle, it also lessens tangles.


The Hair Protection Serum is more suitable for frizzy and damaged hair that is unmanageable, thick and heavy. Argan Oil, Olive Squalene Oil and Baobab oil are three precious oils added to this serum to protect, strengthen and smoothen your hair. As a heat protectant against styling tools, it shields the hair from pollution-induced free radical damage and UV rays. Additionally, the hair serum works wonders for taming flyaways, adding a healthy sheen, minimising frizz and giving hair a sleek, finished appearance.

Whether it's a conditioner for hydration and detangling benefits or a serum to add shine and nourishment, the right hair care products are essential for combating winter hair problems. Take the time to choose products suited to your specific hair type and follow the proper hair care tips, and you'll be well on your way to achieving perfect winter hair.

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