6 Hair Resolutions You Will Want to Keep in 2024

6 Hair Resolutions You Will Want to Keep in 2024

Take ‘new year, new you’ to the next level by giving your hair and scalp the love they need in 2024. Leave behind any hair woes from the year gone by and embrace these six hair resolutions that will transform your hair, giving it the volume, strength and beauty it deserves. No more bad hair days – it's time to rock the best of hair goals!

Let's dive in and discover the secrets to gorgeous hair!

Resolution 1: Get Serious About Scalp Care

Serious About Scalp Care

While there is always a lot of emphasis on hair care, proper scalp care is often overlooked. If you are aiming for good hair, a healthy foundation should be the first step to achieve, starting with your scalp. Filled with more than 100,000 hair follicles from which individual hair strands grow, your scalp supports hair growth, strength and volume.

If your scalp is free of itching, dryness, redness, oil build-up or dandruff, you most likely have a healthy scalp. But if you have noticed any of these symptoms, now is the time to start caring for your scalp the same way you do your skin and hair.

For those with a healthy scalp, maintaining its health is key to having better hair. In contrast, those with any scalp issues should focus on implementing steps to improve scalp health, such as regular exfoliation, head massages, scalp scrubs, following a healthy diet, etc. So, in the coming year, vow to focus on your scalp health.

Cleansing your hair and scalp as often as necessary with the right hair care products for your hair type is the first action you can take.

Resolution 2: Customise Your Hair Care Routine

Just like our skin types differ, so do our hair types and concerns. Whether you battle frizz and dull hair or have dry, damaged hair, customising your hair care regimen can help you get the flawless hair you've always wanted.

To customise your hair care routine, identify your specific hair type and concerns. Are you someone with fine, limp hair in need of volume? Or do you have thick, curly hair that requires extra help with frizz? Understanding your hair's individual needs will help you select the right products and techniques to address them effectively.

Once you've identified your hair type and concerns, it's time to curate a set of hair care products tailored to your needs. Try to find hair serums, conditioners and shampoos that are made especially to address your problems. For example, opt for a reparative shampoo and conditioner if you struggle with dryness. If frizz is your nemesis, seek anti-frizz products that will tame those rebellious strands.

hair care products

In addition to selecting the right products, finding the best hair care routine also involves adjusting the frequency of your washes and treatments. Some hair types may benefit from daily washing, while others may thrive with less frequent washing to preserve natural oils. Experiment with different routines and listen to your hair's signals to find the perfect balance.

Resolution 3: Focus on Hair Repair

While it is true that when it comes to hair repair, prevention is better than cure, we are all guilty of using hair treatments or styling tools that damage our hair just to achieve the hairstyle we desire. Often, these treatments are hard to avoid altogether, so let’s instead focus on hair growth products that repair damaged hair.

One of the best hair care systems that work by reviving and protecting damaged hair is the iluvia Pro Maintenance System.

First, apply a liberal amount of the Sulfate-Free Shampoo over wet hair. Ensure the shampoo is evenly distributed from root to tip as you gently massage it into your scalp. The shampoo is made to cleanse without removing natural oils from the scalp and hair. It uses a micro-emulsion technology to deliver a mild yet effective cleansing experience. In addition to minimising dryness, the shampoo preserves the hair's natural lipid barrier. For this reason, it cleanses and shields damaged hair and a sensitive scalp from dryness.

Next, you should apply the Hair Repair Mask to your hair and keep it on for five minutes after washing off the shampoo. To prevent the hair and scalp from drying out, the hydrophobic hair mask repels moisture and is resistant to humidity. It lessens breakage, frizz and split ends while repairing dry, brittle hair.

Focus on Hair Repair

Use the Hair Protection Serum at the end. Apply a small amount of the serum, working your way from the mid-lengths of your hair to the ends. Once it has been applied, this serum will protect your hair from environmental stressors like dampness, pollution and UV rays. It also shields the hair from styling products, another factor contributing to a dry scalp.

Resolution 4: Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

If you colour your hair often or plan to experiment with new looks in 2024, your hair care resolutions should include colour care. Learning how to make your colour last will go a long way in protecting your hair from damage while also achieving the look you want.

From hot showers and incorrect hair care products to the effects of UV rays and chlorine, hair colour can fade faster than you expect, forcing you to colour it more often. And since the colouring process can be damaging, more frequent treatments will only cause more damage.

What you need is a hair care system that will not only extend your hair colour’s life, but also protect it from dryness, damage and breakage.

iluvia’s Colour Lock System is a unique three-step hair care routine not only preserves the colour’s vibrancy but also lessens damage to the hair's structure and promotes a speedy recovery.

The Colour Lock Shampoo extends the life of colour while gently cleaning hair. It keeps colour molecules from deteriorating due to free radical damage, leaving hair silky and supple instead.

It takes more than simply choosing the correct shampoo to preserve hair colour. You also need to use the appropriate mask afterward – the Colour Lock Mask. It fights frizz, breakage and dryness while enhancing colour life and prolonging its retention. In addition to providing deep conditioning, this solution shields hair from daily exposure to environmental factors. It is simple to use and works exactly like a conditioner but specially made for coloured hair.

The iluvia Hair Protection Serum with Argan Oil completes this three-step hair care regimen. Its abundant antioxidants shields the hair from external stresses, including heat, smog, dust and humidity.

Resolution 5: Embrace a Healthy Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

Curly hair needs extra care to preserve its lovely texture and avoid frizz and damage. You can improve the health of your curly hair by adding the proper products to your routine.

Generally speaking, curly hair is drier than straight hair. This is because the natural oils from the scalp find it difficult to pass down the hair shaft due to the bends and twists of curly hair. This is one of the main causes of the need for a different hair care regimen for curly hair compared to straight hair. These products’ ingredients can remove essential oils from curly hair, making it even drier and more frizz-prone – frizz can result from the cuticle layer lifting in hair that has gotten very dry.

So, going into the new year, it’s time to switch to curly hair care products. We recommend the iluvia Repair Reviver System.

The mild Repair Reviver Shampoo helps maintain the natural shape of curly and wavy hair by increasing the number of cross-links in the hair's molecular structure. It helps control frizz & adds softness.

Richly enriched with rice and tomato bioferments, the Repair Reviver Mask enhances shine and smoothness while giving hair a naturally defined texture, all without the use of thick waxes or fixatives that come with many products and are difficult to remove.

The Hair Protection Serum’s three essential oils maintain, smooth and protect hair. It protects the hair from UV radiation and free radical damage caused by pollution as a heat protectant against styling tools. It also does a great job at controlling frizz and decreasing flyaways.

Resolution 6: Save Your Hair and scalp from Hard Water

Hard water deposits can lodge in your hair and scalp, obstructing the flow of nutrients into your hair strands. The minerals clog pores, causing a dry scalp, slowed hair growth, limpness, dryness and other issues. This can eventually cause breakage and a decline in your hair's health and appearance.

So, in the coming year, if you get hard water in your taps, it’s time to switch to a hair care system that will shield your hair and scalp from these damaging deposits - the Complete Professional System.

The Hard Water Shampoo removes any deposits of hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium from your hair. It prevents scalp irritation and leaves your hair feeling softer, smoother, and silkier by fortifying the pH balance of your hair and scalp. It also strengthens the hair, giving it more volume.

Olive Squalene, which is derived from plants, is used in the Squalene Restoration Conditioner to strengthen and improve the suppleness of your hair. The restorative conditioner naturally strengthens and softens hair without weighing it down. It nourishes and shields your hair from more harm while also acting as an anti-frizz treatment.

The Intensive Hair Care Serum creates an insulated barrier around your hair that protects it from damage. The serum is enriched with pure Moroccan Argan Oil and Olive Squalene Oil, making hair look shinier and more luxurious while reducing tangles.

Incorporating these six hair care resolutions into your daily hair care routine will transform your locks into a stunning display of health and radiance throughout 2024. So, seize the opportunity, take action and make these resolutions this New Year’s Day.

Shop online at iluviapro.com and make 2024 the best year for your hair!